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Corey Russell and the glorious!

Of all the people in the IHOPKC community, I have to say the favorite one for me to be around Corey Russell. That guy just make me more hungry for the presence of God than anyone. He wanted the glorious manifest presence to fall in our midst. He wanted to more it from theology to experience.

As a Pentecostal and someone from the Brownsville Revival, what grabbed me was his passion for praying in other tongues. He would later go on to a write a book about the issue, The Glory within. You can download the first three chapters here. 

Corey Russell is very intense

There is nothing other way to put it. He wants the glory to fall and for the true prophetic to be released in the earth. That is a tall order but it is what he is contenting for in intercession.

He has been part of IHOPKC since 2000 doing that very thing. He is more passionate about raising up forerunner that have a deep root system of intercession and the prophetic than anyone I know in the community.

This man has inspired me more than once.

He is also a man of compassion

Back in late 2004, I was having a very hard time because of some things that happened to me. Corey had heard things but did not care to know all the facts. It didn’t matter. What mattered was that I was hurting because of them.

One day he walked into the prayer room and just grabbed my neck. His words were meant to be encouraging but they were prophetic, “We need you when revival breaks.” What he didn’t know was I was questioning my calling as a forerunner. He confirmed my calling in that dark, dark moment.

In my mind, he is an example of how to be passionate and compassionate.

Here is a short video about tongues from Corey Russell.

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