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Is there a coming healing revival?

coming healing revival

[wd_hustle id=”email”]A question that I get a lot is concerning a coming healing revival? It is centered around some prophetic words and promises that people have been talking about for years. It seems that the discussion of healing revival goes back to as early as May 1906 at Azusa Street.

Pentecostal history has been marked by great outpourings of healing power. We could talk about what happen at the Azusa Street Mission. Aimee Semple McPherson and her healing meetings, miracles at the Latter Rain revival, or the great Voice of Healing revivals. The list goes on and on of great displays of the raw power of the Spirit in people’s lives.

So is there a wave of healing coming to the people of God in the days to come? The answer is not as cookie cutter as some want it to be. The simple answer is yes and no. Remember, we are moving from glory to glory and we are standing on the shoulders of those who went before us. Haggai declares the glory of the latter house will be greater than the glory of the former house.

Before we go any deeper into this discussion, let’s take an official look at the doctrine of the two largest Pentecostal movements in the world about healing.

Divine healing is an integral part of the gospel. Deliverance from sickness is provided for in the atonement, and is the privilege of all believers. (Assemblies of God)

Divine healing is provided for all in the atonement. (Church of God, Cleveland)

Why there is NOT a coming healing revival?

The main reason that we will not see it is because it can’t come; it came 2,000 years on an old rugged cross at a place called Golgotha (that we canonized later as Calvary). The reality of the cross is that same blood that saves you also heals you. God moves according to covenant, not the latest fad on Daystar.

The truth of the matter is divine healing is an integral part of the gospel. The gospel is not the full gospel without the display of healing anointing breaking out among His people. You simply can not have a salvation only message. Redemption, physical healing, and spiritual deliverance is a package deal in what theologians call “the atonement.”

The other problem with the coming healing revival messages that I have been hearing coming out of pulpits from people that I respect is that robs us of operating in faith. It is easy to believe in that “someday God is going to pour out.” In fact, many dead churches hold that Jesus is powerful back in the “bible days” and that He is powerful in eternity. However, they do not believe He can or will display His power today. Many Pentecostals are getting dangerous close to that mentality with this “coming revival” discussion. Hebrews tells us that Faith is now! 

I am sorry but I just find this “Someday, we are going to see the miracle” ideology is void of faith and represents a bad Soteriology that needs to be seriously corrected.

What about greater words than these?

Jesus told that there was coming a day that we would see “greater works than these.” What does that mean concerning the coming healing revival? At the core of these dialogs are two profound prophetic words given. One was from Smith Wigglesworth and the other was given by Bob Jones.

Wigglesworth was known for his healing ministry (and raising the dead). He was also regarded as the “Apostle of Faith” in a time that many Pentecostal did not use the term very often. He also spoke often of a great healing outpouring that was “about to happen.” I believe spoke of the Voice of Healing revival that broke out literally months after his passing.

The other prophetic word that many like to discuss is when Bob Jones told Mike Bickle in 1983 that “God is going to pour out His Spirit beyond measure to a people without mixture.” This was a few months after Jones told Bickle that he would lead a youth movement that would pray for coming healing revival.

Healing is not going to come to the people of God in the future, it just is going to come with increasing anointing and volume. We have seen windows of this during the 1950’s and in the 1990’s. It was not a special snapshot of Heaven as some would lead us to think. It was just we saw what we always see with more ease and more often.

The greater works of that John is telling us about is not more dramatic miracles but a higher volume of them happening both in and outside the meetings.

Prepare yourself for revival

The fact of the matter is most Pentecostals today are not prepared if we saw another Azusa Street or Brownsville Revival break out. They have their hands all tied up in things that really do not matter that much in light of eternity.

Acts 1 tells us that Jesus said that we should not worry about the time of the Lord’s return (another “someday” emphasis) but consume ourselves with being baptized with power (dunamis) in order to be a witness (martus) to the ends of the earth. (Acts 1:7-8)

Many of us do not experience the power we believe we should because we do not have the ability to walk in that anointing if we was given it by the Holy Spirit. Most believers today, sadly, could not go and preach the gospel in Africa because they have to clock in Monday morning at the office.

If you are serious about seeing revival come and being used by the Holy Spirit, the first step would be addressing the things that stop you from being a vessel of anointing to the world. If God gives you the “power beyond measure,” could you answer the call to go to the ends of the earth? Most could not.

In the end, divine healing is here and it is coming. It will increase as our faith and dedication increases with it!

Here is a healing that broke out during the Bay of the Holy Spirit with Nathan Morris.

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