CMF International and Healing hurts

Over the last week, a discussion has started. A time of reflection over some theology that is harming people out of CMF International and its’ leader, Suliasi Kurulo. It is heathy for us to unpack the issues and bring healing to the hundreds of people that have hurt by unbiblical extremes.

The stories I have been hearing are moving. People who have suffer because of unrealistic financial demands put on people who attended World Harvest Centre of CMF International. Much of what I received in messages is also what I saw with my own eyes in the many months I attended their services.

One of the moving stories was a man that his life gave the money for the children’s tuition to school to the church. The selfishness of CMF International caused a young boy to not get the education he needs to be successful in life, business and in faith.

As I read these stories, I am reminded how the gospel has been completely perverted and it is about winning the lost but gaining new tithers. Last I checked, church transfer is not church growth.

Jesus did not die to us to have ministries, build our own kingdoms or even to be blessed. He died so that we could know Him, receive the free gift of His son and be filled with the Holy Spirit and with fire!

I believe this issue would become a non-issue of CMF International applied Luke 3:16 to their ministries, members and “zone meetings.”

Am I saying that it is time to rethink about how we see ministry and the harvest in Fiji? Yes I am. A smart farmer does not judge the harvest by what he sees in the barn but what he sees yet to be gathered. The success of a ministry is based on how many lost, not how many are saved.

Suliasi Kurulo

CMF International has some healing to do

I am hearing the stories. The real example of people that give it all for a man and thought that would please God. These are real stories by real people trying to have real faith in a real God. Yet, they were used to build a man’s kingdom.

The stories of people giving everything to the “man of God” and left with nothing. The examples of whole villages being destroyed by the doctrine of CMF International.

The questions about Suliasi Kurulo and his spending. Many members claim he is a millionaire. If so, how many a pastor that does not work outside the ministry have a million dollar (half a million in US Dollars) in the bank? Either, he is not being forthcoming about his finances or he is pretending to be more blessed than he really is. Either way, something is amiss.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”


CMF International needs Social Justice

They need to find those who have hurt, wounded, and broken with their half-truths of the gospel. They had just enough Jesus to make it sound spiritual. There needs to be a movement of repentence to restore those who have been broken by the extreme of the teaching from CMF International.

This is what theological circles call social justice. It is righting a historical wrong has been committed. The key ministry of the church under the leadership of Suliasi Kululo should be to find those hurt, bring healing and practical help to them. Finances should go to helping those who are hurting, not a TV ministry that looks like it right out of 1988 with Jim and Faye Bakker.

I believe it is time that Kululo and his followers return to the roots of their church. Loving people in the villages. Go back to the villages of Fiji and be the gospel. I am not talking preaching it; I am talking being the gospel to them in the flesh. After all, that is how CMF International got started, isn’t it?

“Revival moves vertically touching all socioeconomic levels. When revivals go throughout the social order they bring radical social reform. Priority may be given to spiritual needs, but the meeting of material needs inevitably follows true revival.” –John Wimber

Let that settle in a little. I hear that CMF International talks about revival but how has the “revival reached to every level of society; economically and racially. Most of the Indian population in Fiji is not born again and the poor are victim of the church; not the focus of it.

fiji kids

Do I have a problem with CMF International?

Not really. I do not have plans to return to the Republic of the Fijian Islands anytime soon. I could be there next week but I do not expect to be. I have nothing against the ministry, the people or the country. I am simply a messager who has said yes to the Holy Spirit to faithfully preach the gospel of the Kingdom.

Fiji is a nation that has a lot of problems because the churches like CMF International are more concerned with their pet doctrines they grabbed from the faith movement than being the salt of the earth and the light of the world to their nation. I remember that if the Church is the city of the hill; darkness will be destroyed by the light of the gospel.

When we look at the social and political problems in Fiji, it is only logical to believe that the Church has failed in its mission to be an agent of the Kingdom and transformation.

Things have radically changed since my first visit to Fiji to work on the Transformations video that includes CMF International. A lot has changed.

Could this open rebuke to the Pentecostal and Charismatic churches be a game changer for revival in the nation of Fiji? Only time will answer that.