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César Castellanos is dangerous to Christians

I have spoken in depth over the years about the G12 Vision and especially G12 Philippines. The toxic movement actually was started by César Castellanos an has even been rebuke by David Yonggi Cho that they stole the whole cell ministry concept from. G12 Vision is nothing more than the cell concept of Yoido Full Gospel Church taken to the extreme.

I am not against cell ministry if it works for your ministry. I have seen some of them be very successful. If you believe that every church must focus on cell groups, you just became part of the problem. Nowhere in the gospels is there a verse that says, “Get in a cell or go to hell.” (A G12 Philippines pastor actually told me this)

At the end of the day, the issue goes back to César Castellanos, pastor of the “mother church” for the G12 movement in Colombia. He thinks he is some type of super apostle and has made the Bride of Christ into a chain of command that is stricter than the United States Marine Corp.

In its’ present form, I find the G12 Vision movement to be a serious threat to the revival under way in South America. The Holy Spirit is moving with signs and wonders all over Brazil and Argentina.

Who is César Castellanos?

He is a pastor that militarize cell ministry, build an authoritative chain of command that controls the people, radicalize community to make Bob Mumford and company look like amateurs, and completely demonize anyone that does not agree with him.

Am I saying this guy is a Jim Jones type cult leader? Yes, I am. He has always wanted to use faith to control people and use them for his purposes. His goals are not even really spiritual. It is political. He wants to become the President of Columbia and he needs a base to mobilize.

Here in the Philippines, I see this same mentality in the G12 Philippines leadership. They are moving heaven and earth trying to get people elected to public office. However, it will never happen on the national level. No Evangelical will be elected in a country of over 100 million devoted Catholics.

However, make no mistake about it. César Castellanos is using this whole G12 Vision to form loyal foot soldiers for his political goals. They want to try and use their model to get control of every nation political so Jesus can return. Would you like some Kingdom Now with your breakfast this morning?

In the nation of Colombia, he has experience some success with doing it too. He is very close to the sitting President of the country and does have some influence as well. I do not know how people don’t see through his scam but the people of Colombia do not seem to mind.

When it is all said and done, this is the issue at hand: it is spiritual control that makes people that Jesus died to set free into personal slaves of the very people that should led them into complete liberation.

Over Spiritualizing Acts

Some of their ideas an basis for the control and the guilt trips is their misunderstanding of Acts. The records of the early church was them working out their salvation with fear as well as how they went about preaching the gospel with power to their generation. What worked for them in their culture an in the first century will not work in a different culture and time. This is a serious mistake that alot of ministries makes. Acts was the records of the Apostle, not scriptural commands.

However, some leaders such as César Castellanos think Acts should be strictly followed an they hold the book to be more strict than they even was in Acts itself. There is no freedom for the believer whatsoever in a church with the G12 Vision. It is about control, not freedom. 

As a Pentecostal and Charismatic, this is concerning to me. I was raise with a deep love for the Book of Acts an that there is much deep truth in the book. It is very sad to see people misuse the records to the point to form cults around it. The G12 Vision is more dangerous than the United Pentecostal Church that denies the trinity based on one verse in Acts. 

The hard part of it all is I do not see many true apostolic leaders in either South or North America trying to rebuke the nonsense coming out of these churches. They just silently say it is not what they believe an move on. We nee true leaders to stand up to the heresy and rebuke them just like the Assemblies of God rebuke the United Pentecostal Church.

Freedom matters

At the heart of the gospel is freedom. Anyone that tries to put you back in bondage is a false teacher. It does not matter if it is César Castellanos, Bob Mumford or John Bevere. Bondage is where you came from; not where you are going. The believer is designed for freedom.

If you need to ask a pastor or some super Apostle about what car to buy or where to get groceries, you are in a church that does not love freedom but keep you in religious bondage. Jesus took the bondage; not trade it for a new yoke that looked more pretty.

My concern around the G12 Vision is this issue at the core of it all. Where is the freedom at? It just is not there. If believers are not experiencing personal freedom an you have pastors controlling their lives (an finances), something is seriously, seriously wrong.

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