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Cesar Castellanos and the G-12 vision

I have wrote before on the false teaching of G12 Philippines and the dangerous leadership of many of their leaders. However, I have not spoke as much about Cesar Castellanos that is based in the South American nation of Colombia. To be clear, I consider the his teachings to be dangerous, demonic and just completely unbiblical.

This G12 Vision non-sense sounds great and all but it is not biblical or even original. One of the problems that I have with it is that Castellanos claims that the Holy Spirit showed him the “vision” but it seems to be a complete rip off from David Yonggi Cho’s church in South Korea. The difference between them is one remains within biblical limits; the other one become cult like.

I will be the first admit that I am not a fan of the whole “cell church” concept. I think it lacks the very purpose of the New Testament Church: to walk in signs, wonders and miracles. The emphasis on numbers; not miracles. Jesus Christ did not come so we could have multi-level marketing. Sorry, G12 Vision. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil!

I am saddened to this happening to the Charismatic churches. I understand how because they run for whatever will get more butts in the seat and more pesos in the offerings. Many of the charismatic churches around the world lack a theological backbone to stand up for what they believe. To their credit, many Pentecostal churches in the country have rejected the G12 Vision non-sense for what it is: heresy!

Cesar Castellanos and the Spirit of Control

Alot of people that follow him will tell you that he has up to 45,000 cell groups in his city alone. That is great and all but they forget something: Jesus had thousands of people who liked him but only three that remained with Him. There is thousands of churches around the Philippines and throughout the world that are three thousand strong and half inch deep in substance.

He has been dubing down the gospel and replacing freedom with spiritual control for decades. It started after the same spirit was rebuked and kicked out of the American church under the name of the Sheperding movement with Derek Prince and others. The demon looked to less educated and more male dominate culture in the Old Spanish Empire. Places like South America and the Philippines.

I can not put it any stronger than what is happening in the G12 Vision church is nothing less of a demonic spirit. It is the same devil that controlled the Sherperding movement in the 1970’s and now has re-surfaced as government of twelve and “Under Cover” teaching by John Bevere. Names changed but the same spirit is behind them. It was, is and will be demonic in nature!

The Church was birth in a miracle, not a well organized structure that the Holy Spirit can not move within. G12 Vision churches put so much structure in place that the presence and power of God are non-existence and can not move in freedom!

No revival has ever believed in structure!

I know I am about to go sacred cow tipping here but revival does not work when people try and organize it. It must always be organic and it must be free to move on its’ own. Pastors want a breeze of the Holy Spirit but Acts 2 was a gale force wind. It was a hurricane. You can’t structure a hurricane. They go where they want, starting fire as big as they want and blow with as much force as they choose. The people are just in the ride in the times of revival!

I find it odd that no major move of the Holy Spirit has had this type of model and Steve Hill was very vocal against it. This is important to understand because he understood the culture and spiritual landscape of South America. He was a missionary there for quite some time. I also know that Carlos Annacondia has some strong words about G12 vision churches. That speaks volumes to me.

I also find it odd that it was never encouraged in the peaks of the Toronto Blessing, Brownsville Revival, Smithton Outpouring or Lakeland Revival. It would only make sense that if it was so scriptural that revival leaders would be rushing to get in place; not lining up to speak against it.

The closest thing that I have seen in revival was the soaking centers that John and Carol tried to get off the ground back a decade ago. I am not sure what happened to them but it was still personal freedom at the core, not spiritual control.

G12 Vision believes in “get in a cell or go to hell.”

Many years ago, a pastor in the Philippines, in a heated discussion told me “get in a cell or go to hell.” It seems that thinking is very common in the people who believe in the model. They think following some strict ideology that was ripped off from Cho and then radicalize will make them super Christians! In all my studies of the New Testament, I can not find one example of this. It just is not there.

Any model that puts pastors in control of people’s lives is demonic and heretical. It is not just that though: it is also idolatry. This is taking pastor worship to a whole new level and it making a government in the Kingdom that is against the government of God. It is literally an attempt to have a coup in the Kingdom of God. Remember, satan tried that once…. it didn’t work well too well!

My heart really goes out to the people that are believing in this g12 vision non-sense, making Cesar Castellanos into an idol and worshipping their pastor as if he died on the cross. Idolatry in the Church is about to dealt with by the Lord and He will deal with it harshly. Judgement begins at the house of God!

You look just like your enemy, You’re full of pride.
We better trash our idols if we want to be In the army of the Lord.
And the greatest idol is you and me.

-Jason Upton, Dying Star

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