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Mike Bickle is wrong about Ted Cruz

I generally respect Mike Bickle but this thing with Ted Cruz is out there. I am not sure why Mike is even getting into this “endorsing” business. All it does is make the critics look justified when they cry “Kingdom Now” looking at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.

I am calling it what it is: a bonehead move. I know that Bickle is not the only one making this bonehead decision either. I am completely blown away that Dr. Michael L. Brown, a very level headed theologian in most cases would buy into all the hype as well.

Mike Bickle believes that Cruz is best

In this article to a news outlet, he said the following, “I observed that no candidate for president has a stronger record than Cruz on standing with Israel, fighting radical Islamic terrorism, and combating anti-Semitism in the world.” 

This is an example of what I just do not get. I am sure Mike Bickle knew that a personal friend of his, Mike Huckabee, was still in the race when he came out of this endorsement of Ted Cruz (January 21, 2016). I am sorry, Mike but Huckabee is much more pro-Jewish than Ted Cruz ever will be.

It was Huckabee that went to battle for the people of Israel when things were in hot water with the Iran deal. It cost him royalty to do it too. I just do not understand how Mike Bickle could forget this stuff. Maybe, it was all that amazing Misty Edwards worship at the prayer house.

Only Mike Huckabee is a real conservative

Cruz is using the Church to try and get elected. It is very sad that the prophetic leaders that see it for what it is. I do not recall seeing Ted Cruz in the prayer lines at the Call when there was no cameras and no elections coming up. It was Mike Huckabee that was there. I remember seeing Sam Brownback put his neck on the line for what he believed but I do not remembering seeing Ted Cruz risk his politician career for what he believed.

Come to think of it, is Ted Cruz even baptized in the Holy Spirit?

Mike Bickle endorses Ted Cruz?

Mike Bickle, my former pastor and senior leader of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri has formally endorsed Ted Cruz for the office of the President of the United States. I am very surprised by this. While Ted Cruz is a great guy, I can’t believe that Mike has given a stamp of approval.

I understand that Ted Cruz is a conservative and that he just was a speaker at Rick Joyner’s church in Fort Mill, South Carolina. I also know that Dr. Micheal L. Brown has allowed himself to be put in the back pocket of Cruz as well. I can see what people like Ted but endorsing him for President and Commander in Chief?

One of the serious concerns I have is the Church should be focusing of being revival to the nation and awakening the hearts of the people; not getting “our guy” in office. If anything, it will turn and kick us in the butt like it has so many times before. Leave the political process to the political people. The Church should be concerned with ripping people out of hell.

Sometimes the Church flirts very dangerously to idolatry when it comes to conservative political leaders. It is not healthy, wise, or close to being biblical.

Mike Bickle has preached against endorsements

I remember Mike use to say that endorsing political leaders was not something the ministry should be about. He did not endorse George W. Bush for this reason. I also think that the critics that think Mike believes in Kingdom Now theology are going to have a field day with this. It was not smart on any level whatsoever.

I understand it from the position of Ted Cruz. He wants to use and abuse ministry leaders to get endorsements. He is a political leader. We know what they are after. However, why did Mike Bickle (and Dr. Micheal L. Brown) allow themselves to be abused in that regard? It goes against everything Mike teaches and believes.

At the end of the day, people like Ted Cruz do not represent the Bride of Christ. They do whatever they can to get elected and make all types of promises that they know they can never keep. I can not count how many times I have hear “I will….” out of Ted’s mouth. The truth is he is making promises that he can’t keep and ministry leaders are falling for it hook, line and sinker. It is embarrassing.

I can not tell you how many times that Mike Bickle has told people to not follow to the deception of political leaders and their promises. Now, he has allowed himself to fall to the deception himself. I know one thing. If I do vote for Ted, it will not be because he has promised me the moon and mars as well.

I am more disappointed in Mike than I am in Cruz. I expected Mike to use a little more wisdom and not fall into the hype. I was wrong.

Ted Cruz is not Jesus, people

One of the biggest problems that I see is people thinking getting “our guy” in office will somehow be a silver bullet to bring revival. This is completely untrue. Revival normally comes in the face of the most vile political landscape possible. People forget it was during the Clinton era that the Toronto Blessing and the Brownsville Revival broke out. Bad leadership in Washington forces the Church to be….well the Church. You know the Blood bought, water immersed, fire Baptized revival focused Bride of Christ!

No leader, be it Billy Graham, Benny Hinn or Ted Cruz can save us. Only Jesus has that power. When we make leaders into our heroes; we have a golden calf in the land. We have bow to a false idol and we are so brainwashed that we do not even see it. Sometimes, we even war against it while we are blinding doing the very thing we are against.

Isreal has this problem too. They wanted a King. They wanted a ruler. God did not want them to need a leader but they demanded it anyway. They want someone to make choices for them and not use their mind, will and emotions to champion their own life in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Little has changed. Americans have the same mentality.

As far as I am concerned, Ted Cruz or Donald Trump did not die on the cross, they were not raised from dead and they are not mounted at the right hand of the Father in Heaven. Ted Cruz is not Jesus Christ!

What about Mike Huckabee?

If Mike Bickle was to endorse someone, I would have thought it would be Huckabee. Mike is a bible believing conservative that tries his best to live his faith out in the midst of political process. He hold the values of the International House of Prayer much better than Ted Cruz. Huckabee has also joined Bickle in crying out for the nation at prayer events. He did it when he was not running for office as well. It was not a political move; it was a spiritual move.

While Huckabee is not a Pentecostal or a Charismatic; Cruz is not either. I do not believe any of the current people running for President is a Pentecostal or a charismatic. With the absence of someone like John Ashcroft; the options for a bible believing and fire baptized leaders are very limited.

While I could be totally off my rocker but I am just blown away that Mike Bickle has done this and it does not make sense to me whatsoever. I realize I have not been part of the International House of Prayer for a long time but this just doesn’t have common sense to it.

What are you thinking Mike?

Local Church is a heresy

If you are around ministry for long, you will hear the heresy know as “the local church.” It is something that many talk about, write about, and even sing about but it is still not biblical. Just this morning, Rick Warren was tweeting about it.

I respect Rick Warren, Jack Hayford and the others but they are the Jesus, Peter or Paul. The books they write are not canonized and they are part of the New Testament. The bible talks very little, if at all, about local churches. The issue has theological problems all over it. I do mean, all over it and through it too.

At the core of this discussion is thinking patterns. We have yet to repent (change your life by changing your mind) of cultural norms that we hold. For generations, we believe that everything must be local to us. This was because moving products and services large distances are just not possible. Everyone bought and sold from local shops out of need. How we saw church was no different. This is why a town can have a few hundred small places called the local church.

Times have changed and people think more regional and national now. It is not uncommon for us to buy things from New York and get services from California. Our spirituality is no different,. We have at our fingertips teaching from all over the world and we are not limited to what is possible in our locality. It is a game changer.

local church pews

Why Local Church is heresy

The whole idea goes against the nature of the gospel and the Bride of Christ. If we believe in the local church, how many brides does Jesus actually have? Millions? The Bible only talks about one Bride, the Bride of Christ. If that is true, there is only one Church as well: the global Church. The believers in the underground meetings in China, the worshippers in Toronto and the intercessors in Kansas City are all expression of one Church. Anything less than this is starting down the road of being heretical in nature.

It is an old wineskin that was about about being biblical but being practical. The need has disappeared and with that, the wineskins has been broken. The old concept of a local church down the street with a resident pastor and all the programs focused on local members is outdated and no longer needed in the information age we live in.

Prophets have been speaking about this for centuries. Think about this: We are living in the moment that prophets have been dreaming about for five centuries or more. We want to live where they were out of need. They want to live where we can live out of want.

One of my heroes is none other than Count Zinzendorf. He preached in the 1700’s about the world being his church. This was back when people could not communicate with the next village easily. He saw something in the future. We live in that future.

John Wesley got this vision from  Zinzendorf and believed that the world was his parish. Again, he was two centuries too early but he saw into the future that we live in and live among. We are that future!

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Local Church is a dying doctrine

The supply chain of spirituality has expanded and with the wineskin expands, it breaks. We have a new wineskin! Our spiritual understanding might come from Redding, California as well as Toronto, Canada. We live in a time that we can receive whatever stage of life we are in quickly and do not have to rely on a pastor or another ministry. The “middleman” (local pastor) has been taken out of the picture.

The other day, I attended a church in California that was teaching on healing ministry as well as a church in North Carolina that was preaching on the prophetic. I did it all in real time without even leaving Starbucks. This is the power of the times that we live in and are among. The internet really did change everything.

I understand that many pastors do not like this new wineskin and many are preaching against it. The reason is it is a threat to their own survival as a paid hack for Jesus. The level of importance that a pastors plays in people’s spiritual life has reduced as the need for the local church has been exposed. Pastors are worried because it is causing issues with their financials.

mega church

Rethinking Church Planting

When we realize the time in which we live, we need to re-think how we view church planting. We need to quit think locally and start thinking nationally and globally. Are you looking to plant a local church or do you have the vision to plant a mega-church? We need to be thinking national impact from the first service we have. People perish for the lack of vision or the lack of foresight for revival in the nation.

As the heresy of the local church is more exposed, we will see more and more people thinking globally and seeing the world as a global village. When this happens, we will be better ready for the greatest revival known to man: the one billion soul harvest.

Most Christians just do not have the capacity for it yet. They are still thinking in the local mindset. The ability for the anointing to expand is beyond anything we can see with our own eyes. A outbreak in Nigeria can be seen globally within seconds. Moves of God can air around the world via God TV. This is the spiritual game changer in our generation.

Suliasi Kurulo & Idolatry

Suliasi Kurulo is the senior pastor of World Harvest Centre based in Suva, Fiji. He is also the leader of CMF International or Christian Missionary Fellowship International. I attended his main church in Suva when I was living in Fiji. There was many things I saw that did not make me at ease. However, for reasons that wouldn’t be right in this article, I had to attend the services at least on Sunday morning.

Coming at the services as someone with a divinity degree and a undergraduate in Evangelism; I was not some native guy that just takes every fad in churches and slap “God’s pattern” on it. I question things in churches. I question everything. The bible tells us to do so. Pastors are to subject to the people they serve; not the people subject to the pastor they serve!

In alot of ways, it is just Rhema Bible Church but without Kenneth Hagin and a decade too late. It was much the ministry style I saw in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma back in the 1990’s as a teenager. A few cultural differences but that is about it. The same give everything you have and worship your pastor to get prosperity. I reject it then and I reject it now.

Suliasi Kurulo is the man of God

If you think this is very dangerous theology to stand on, you are right. However, CMF International has built the ministry on this questionable doctrine. Most pastors that was involved in it has repented and publicly stated it was not a New Testament dynamic. Suliasi Kurulo still teaches it and encourages it among his leaders.

Back in the Word of Faith movement, you would hear that you should not question the “man of God.” In him, you found your deliverance and your healing. The problem with these teachings was most, if not all, pastors are not prophets and none of them are living in the Old Testament. Today, all believers are the man (or woman) of God.

You do not attract God’s blessing from giving to a man, buying him a car, a house, or anything of the like. The blessing of the Lord is only attracted in the presence of the Holy Spirit. There is no poverty in God’s presence. There is poverty in the presence of Suliasi Kurulo.

This type of teaching are all by dead in America’s churches. We have long repented of them and have returned the biblical emphasis on the presence of God, not the presence of a leader. However, word must travel slow in nations like Fiji Islands. Several major ministries are still teaching doctrines from the 1980’s that are misunderstood and some of them were just wrong, to be honest.

It is time we take some truths from the Word of Faith movement, check them out biblically, and apply them. Not everything was right but alot of it was. Take what was right and travel following the fire of God to what is the current emphasis of the Spirit of God.

Suliasi Kurulo is money hungry

I remember this more than anything. The emphasis on building, vehicles and money for the pastor was out of this world. It was more extreme than anything I saw in Tulsa and that is making a statement. Oral Roberts got this way and it almost destroyed his ministry too. City of Faith, once a medical center is now just an office building that was sold off for peanuts. However, that was pale compared to Suliasi Kurulo.

Every year, they have some crazy fundraiser that is only at least a million dollars and the church is expected to give him the money or they are bad Christians. They zone off the city and each zone is given a number they are expected to raise. Many of the members are completely gripped with fear so they suffer so the “man of God” can be blessed.

Nevermind that Fiji is one of the poorest countries in the Pacific and that because of unstable governments, the Fijian Dollar has completely tanked. Forget that most Fijians can’t even afford to fly to New Zealand or Australia. You can also forget that the ones with jobs make about $1.20 an hour. I find that few Fijians had any type of extra income or any types of savings. They are not prepared for a rainy day.

That does not matter to Suliasi Kurulo. He is flying all over the world. He is chatting with publishers for a book he wants to write (to generate more money for him). He is relaxing at a resort in the Yasawa Islands group.

Fear is never of the Holy Spirit

Much of the questionable doctrine coming out of CMF International is based in the Old Testament, a covenant that we do not live under and the Cross of Christ fulfilled. Under the New set of rules, there is NO fear, condemnation and shame for those in Christ Jesus.

You have no reason to fear a man like Suliasi Kurulo. From God’s point of view, you are the same: a person that came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. You are on a equal pane with him. He has nothing. Only the Spirit of God can touch you, heal you, deliver you, and transform you. The “anointing” is the Holy Spirit. He will come directly to you if you ask.

There is no reason to believe that giving money to a man will make God want to give you more. Giving does release blessing but proper giving. Giving to Suliasi Kurulo does nothing for anyone but Suliasi Kurulo. Find a ministry that really is focused on helping the poor in Fiji and are doing great things for the Kingdom, not building their own kingdom.

Anytime that a pastor is more well known than the ministry he leads, you should run as fast as you can. God wants to be the One known, not a pastor. He is the one that wants to be made famous, not a pastor. It is time we think this, Suliasi Kurulo.

Tim Tebow is a prophetic signpost

I believe that Tim Tebow is a prophetic sign from the Lord. He has alot of things that point us in this direction. He is a sign in the heavens and a wonder in the land. Just the fact that he is still playing football in the NFL is a kiss from Heaven.

I have been following Tim since I met him in Davao City, Philippines back in 2006. He had just started his college career at the University of Florida. What amazes me more than his football skills was his heart for people and his openness to the things of the Spirit. He was a baptist but he is not hard core, anti-Pentecostal baptist.

His father runs Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association in Jacksonville and has build Uncle Dick’s children home in Mindanao. Tim has come and spend some time here yearly to hang out with the children no matter what is going on the football world.

Tim Tobew was born as a miracle

For those of you who don’t know the story, Tim was born in the Philippines at one of the world’s leading hospital, Makati Medical Center (that I get treatment at myself). However there was medical issues with the pregnancy due to amoebic dysentery from bad water in Mindanao.

At one point, Pam (Tim’s mother) was told that she would be wise to go to the United States and have an abortion. Abortion was and is illegal in the Philippines. There was reasons to believe that having the birth could kill Pam. According to the doctors, the best they could hope for was a stillborn.

Pam pushed through with the pregnancy and on August 14, 1987; Tim Tebow and this Tebowmania was introduced to the world.

While you might not think it is a big deal; it is quite the deal actually. A child that was said to be dead on arrival lead the Denver Broncos two games from being World Champions. That is a huge deal.

It is a prophetic sign of the goodness of God. If you not believe me, just ask Bob and Pam Tebow. We do not know the stress they was under knowing they could have a baby be born dead. I have not been there but I know people who had miscarriages. It is very emotionally draining for them.

Tim has been a miracle time and time again through his life. He even was the cause of a state law in 1996 known as the Tim Tebow law. The man has been a lightning rod for the Lord.

He lived his campus life at the University of Florida very openly and let the whole world see his testimony of the goodness of God. The problem was the liberal couldn’t find any dirt on him beside when he missed a touchdown on Saturday.

At one point, he took personal responsibility for a loss than really was not his fault. As the team’s leader; he stood in the gap for them. He promised to play even harder and the rest of the season. He did what he said he would do.

Tim Tebow is a shadow of the things to come

There is one thing that Tim has become known for during his time at the University of Florida and later as a Denver Bronco. He specializes in fourth quarter comebacks. He had six of them in six games at one point.

In the same way, the Church is planned for a come from the middle of nowhere comeback in history. Things might look dark in the world with all the wars and rumors of wars. We might have riots, murders and rapes all over the place. However, the Bible says the the glory of the Lord will cover the earth like waters covers the sea.

At the two minute warning of human history, the people of God will raise in glory and authority, yes Pentecostal authority, and flip the world upside down. We will see a generation of John the Baptist come forth.

We will upset the planet as my friend, Eastman Curtis likes to put it. We will have the comeback of comebacks and be crown Champions.

Tim Tebow

Is Tim Tebow Spirit filled?

A question that comes up from time to time is if Tim Tebow is a spirit filled believer or as we call it, a Pentecostal? I did not ask him in our meeting at a restaurant in Davao. It was completely unplanned, no idea who he was, just another American just when I was there.

I have never heard that Tim state that he is filled with the Spirit and praying in tongues. I have no reason to believe that he even has a conviction of the End Time Harvest. Most Baptist do not. As far as I know he is just your model Southern Baptist.

What I do know is he is very open to the things of the Spirit and welcomes people who are Pentecostal. He has worships with us in many churches around America and in the Philippines. After all, before we are Pentecostals and Baptists; we are followers of Jesus Christ. Tim Tebow is with us at that level for sure.

Is there a day that he could be praying and fire of God could fall on him just like it did in Acts 2? Of course. He could be radical hit with the fire of God and walk and become the next Oral Roberts. We have no reason to believe that he couldn’t have that happen. I am sure that Tim would not mind.

There has been radical Pentecostals in the NFL before. One of the role models as a child was an amazing linebacker and a leader at his Pentecostal church. His name was Derrick Thomas of the Kansas City Chiefs. Yes, a Pentecostal is in the NFL hall of fame in Canton, Ohio.

Interestingly, Robert Griffin III, Cam Newton, and Russell Wilson are attending Pentecostal churches and Cam Newton has publicly said that he is baptized with the Holy Spirit.