Heresy hunters

Open Challenge to Justin Peters

Heresy hunters, Theology

Justin Peters is a personality in the Christian radio space. He is also an Anti-Pentecostal teacher who has been asked about his views...

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Open letter to Paul Washer

Heresy hunters, Uncategorized

I came across a video on Youtube of Paul Washer being asked about Pentecostals and namely, Bill Johnson and Bethel Redding. How could...

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John Crowder is a heretic? Another view

Ecclesiology, Heresy hunters, Revival

I am not a strong supporter of John Crowder. Let’s get that straight. I have some issues with him on some pretty serious views....

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Why I left YWAM (but I still love them)

Heresy hunters, Missiology, Prophecy

A question that I get alot is why I left YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and why I am not working with them currently. I still love Jesus. I...

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