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IHOPKC and Gnosticism : Is the prayer movement just a second century revival?

I get messages on Facebook and email every few days about Mike Bickle, IHOPKC and the complete prophetic movement about Gnosticism. Most people do not even have a clue what that is, why it matters and how it plays out in the world today. It is mainly something reserved for theologians and historians. Oddly, I fit in both of those roles so let’s take a look! Continue reading IHOPKC and Gnosticism : Is the prayer movement just a second century revival?

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Bethel Church is New Apostolic Reformation? : In defense of Bill Johnson and Bethel Church

There is a reason that I support Bill Johnson and his ministry. It is not because I think that Bethel Church is beyond correctness. I have voiced my own concerns over how the school is run and some of the eschatology that is trumped from Redding. Continue reading Bethel Church is New Apostolic Reformation? : In defense of Bill Johnson and Bethel Church

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Open letter to Paul Washer

I came across a video on Youtube of Paul Washer being asked about Pentecostals and namely, Bill Johnson and Bethel Redding. How could someone like Washer view us. Continue reading Open letter to Paul Washer

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How Evangelicals empower Hillary Clinton

I recently was surfing the internet (a passion of mine) and ended up on my old pastor’s blog. Brian Zahnd use to be a strong faith based morally led pastor. His brother, Eric Zahnd was even an elected conservative in Platte City. However, BZ as we called him seems to think the being liberal is cool now.

A recent blog that basically mocked the whole process by which we come to find the President, he actually confirmed that he by proxy voted for Barack Obama. He wrote in Bob Dylan and Wendell Berry in the last two elections. I am sorry but as a son of a war veteran, this is shameful. 

Brian Zahnd supports Hillary Clinton

How in the world an evangelical pastor can support such nonsense is beyond my ability to understand. However, it seems that he is a firm supporter in open borders and does not mind destroying the US economy as a result. He talks about a man in his church (that must have came after I left) that is an illegal alien. Zahnd goes as far as saying that we should give the Statue  of Liberty back to France because we do not deserve it anymore.

I have no idea how Brian came to this place morally. I am not sure how he reasons many of his views anymore. He is against national defense. He is against sound economics. He is against protected borders. He seems to think that America should be the world’s sugar daddy instead of the world’s police.

I never thought I would read a post where an evanglical pastor who preached in faith alone, by grace alone and through Christ alone would be supporting Hillary Clinton right down the list. As far as I am concerned, this is not a political choice. It is an issue of morality. 

The problem with the “least of these” statements

In his blog, Zahnd says the following that is completely out of context,

Voting for candidates and issues based on who and what you think would best serve those whom Jesus called “the least of these” seems to be a Christ-like thing to do and a good way to vote.

The problem here is that Matthew 25 is not a political directive at all. It is a spiritual directive for the people of faith to visit their brothers when they are put in prison for the faith. It was about persecution of the saints, not how a government should operate after Roosevelt’s New Deal disaster. Using that phrase for political reasoning is a complete denial of what the people of faith, the Bride of Christ is to do and be about.

Hillary Clinton is a lost cause, Is Zahnd?

I know this is a harsh statement and I realize that we share the same hometown. However, I am starting to wonder if Brian Zahnd is even born again anymore. I do not see much oil (Matthew 25:1-13) on his life and he seems very confused about the meat of the gospel. I do not think he would listen to me or anyone though. It has cost him about 1,000 families at his church as of today.

Hillary Clinton is one confused woman that does not even know what faith is. She actually has been on the record saying that Jesus was wrong on some issues like gay marriage and abortion. Heavens knows what Zahnd now believes about that.

The hill is slippery once you start down it. People start playing with doctrines and treating the bible as a buffet line. Over time, they end up like Brian where they are just confused and not even sure what is truth anymore.

Allow me to leave you with this: Heaven is still real. Hell is still hot. Repentance is still required. The lost are still perishing. Let’s get back to the core values of the Kingdom, shall we?

Note: you can go to his website to find the article titled, How I’m voting to read it. I do not want to link it. 

I am under no impression that saying what I have said will allow me to be accepted at Word of Life and embraced by the followers of Zahndism. I just bless them and move on with my life.

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John Crowder is a heretic? Another view

I am not a strong supporter of John Crowder. Let’s get that straight. I have some issues with him on some pretty serious views. However, I do not find him to be a heretic. At least, not the burn them at the stake heretic. He is a just a little different.

Many years ago, I drove from Tennessee to Georgia to meet with John. I wanted to know what he believed from him, not from blogs. I have read some troubling things and he agreed to meet with me. It was in  a small town south of Atlanta. I think it was called  Griffin, GA.

What I found in John Crowder was a very well versed man that knew theology as well as I did, if not better. He knew systematic theology and church history to a tee. No matter the disagreement, no one can question his study of doctrine and history.

The issue that I see with him, I also see with many believers today: they have a Ryan’s buffet line view of theology. Pick them here and pick that there until you have a full plate of doctrine. He is not the only one doing this. Many believers have a doctrine system that is 50 shades of grey.
John Crowder 1

John Crowder does not believe in hell?

Well, he is not the only one. I find anyone that deny the damnation of those who reject Christ is wrong but it would be wrong to pick on just one of these people. Many people who think they are “cutting edge” deny the reality of eternal damnation. Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, and Rob Bell all would make the list as well. It is a heresy that is sweeping the Church currently and it is not just some crazy Charismatic like John Crowder.

I consider anyone that does not believe in hell to be on very shaky theological ground. I am not talking about what they put of their “core beliefs statement” for their website, either. What do they really believe about hell? Is it real and are people really going there? If they do not hold it to be just as real as heaven; that is shaky ground to say the least.

In this seeker sensitive era of teaching where we worry more about how people feel than if we offend the Holy Spirit; it is popular to cross eternal damnation out from core beliefs. It still does not make it right.

I want to take this a step past that. What about the people who claim to believe it but refuse to preach it. I am not talking hell, fire and brimstone or being John Hagee Jr either. I am talking about preaching the complete gospel. Heaven as well as hell. It is just as dangerous to not present the reality of rejecting the gospel as much as it is not preach the gospel at all.

Hell is a real place and people are really going to hell every second of every day.

Is John Crowder wrong? You bet. Is he the only one wrong? Not even close.
John Crowder 2

What about Gnostic Dualism?

Let’s start with the term even means. It is a rarely used term that we do not hear every Sunday in Bible Study so we need to make sure we understand it.

Gnosticism is a modern term categorizing a collection of ancient religions whose adherents shunned the material world – which they viewed as created by the demiurge – and embraced the spiritual world.

It simply is what we believed in old Pentecostal circles to be “holiness preaching.” If we didn’t live in the world, we must be more “spiritual.” Anything from going to the movies to even playing basketball (wearing shorts) was evil and we must be holy people. John Crowder is right to call this a heresy. I agree with him.

However, the question becomes where do we draw the line between freedom and godliness? We have to know where freedom ends and bondage begins. If we do not, we will end up with all types of sin and even demonic oppression in our lives.

We are people of Pentecost. We are people of the Spirit. We also people of the natural. We still have bodies. We still have to live. There is nothing sinful about sitting down to watch a good movie or shooting hoops in the gym with some old friends. Nothing at all.

The reason this is so important is church preaching this non-sense has done alot of damage and sent alot of people to hell in the process because people didn’t reject the gospel; they rejected the legalism that the church taught as the gospel. There is a big difference.
John Crowder logo

So is John Crowder really a heretic?

I do not think he is. I think is off on some major issues and that are concerning. I believe some people that he respects have the authority to deal with these theological shortcoming much better than I do with a blog and a short meetings almost a decade ago. I can not support his ministry in its present state but that alone does not make it evil.  I just disagree on too many important issues with him.

However, to John’s credit; he is a revivalist and believes in the power of the Holy Spirit in our midst. He does believe in the Latter Rain as well. There is no question that his heart is for revival and for the end time harvest. On those issues, we can rally together!

My suggestion when reading his books or watching his videos would be simply this: make sure you have your bible next to you. Be a Berean and check everything to make sure it is line with your best understanding of the written Word of God. While his books have alot of gold in them, there is also alot of dirt on top of that gold. Do not receive the dirt and miss the gold.

What is your views on John Crowder? Let me know.

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Paula White is NOT the spoke person for Pentecostals!

I am not a fan of Paula White. Let’s get that in the open. I also am not a fan of preaching people into heaven. Both of them happened the other day at a Donald Trump rally. While I did vote for Donald in the Missouri primary; Paula White trying to say he is a strong believer and God’s destiny for America is over the top. It is completely over the top! Continue reading Paula White is NOT the spoke person for Pentecostals!

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Why I left YWAM (but I still love them)

A question that I get alot is why I left YWAM (Youth With A Mission) and why I am not working with them currently. I still love Jesus. I still love missions. I still love evangelism. I do not tie my passion for the harvest to YWAM. That is part of the problem, actually.

Too many people get tied up in what “group” they are part of and have more loyalty to it than they do to Christ. When you find your identity in being a YWAMer, Assemblies of God, Church of God or Baptist; you have believed the lie and become part of the evil we know in the western church. It is lie that tells us to rally to men and not the Holy Spirit. The “being planted” deception is run deep in American Christianity.

YWAM is great and I love the heart of Loren Cunningham. However, I believe that Loren does not know, or does not really think it is that serious, how bad some things have become on mission bases in America and parts of Asia Pacific. I can not speak for bases that are in places that I have not visited.

The issues that I see is organizational, theological, and missiology.

YWAM has witchcraft at work

I know some will disagree with using the term but I believe anytime that you use faith as a form of control; that is spiritual witchcraft. Jesus came to set people free; not to bind them as slaves to groups and leaders in the name of “christian service.” Any time that a person feels a need to serve, they have lost their passion to live like the Freedom giver, Jesus Christ.

The pressures placed on young people to serve is unrealistic and it has a major problem: YWAM didn’t start that way. If there is one thing that Loren Cunningham is known for, it would be writing Is that really you, God? The core of YWAM is hearing from the Holy Spirit; not blind obedience to a leader. What ends up happening is YWAM mission bases become little more than mini-kingdoms build by smart men; not the hands of the Holy Spirit.

I was raised to put complete confidence in only hearing from the Holy Spirit for myself. If a leader asked me to do something because it would help grow the YWAM base; the answer is simply no. If I haven’t heard from the Holy Spirit, I do not care what some leader wants. I am not going to do under any condition. I am about being the Kingdom of God. I am interested in building YWAM. Sorry.

The constant pressure to put the organization over the leading of the Holy Spirit is the biggest reason that I left YWAM and will not be part of the movement until something radically changes. It is sad but I really do not think it will change in my lifetime, either.

The spiritual witchcraft is very deep and it runs across the network of mission bases in alot more ways that people realize.

What about Moral Government?

The term Moral Government of God is actually known as Open Theism. As much as I hate radical Calvinism; I also am sickened by radical Arminianism and that is what Open Thiesm is.

For those who do not know what Open Theism is and why it is so dangerous; it is basically a belief that God does not know the future but can only “guess” based on historical trend. Prophetic ministry is just divine guessing. I completely and wholeheartly reject it as outright heresy for many reasons.

To be fair, many within YWAM even strongly question this teaching as well as Kingdom Now theology. I know one leader who was ready to leave YWAM and take his base with him. It is mainly alive in the mission bases in North America from what I understand.

I am as strong of a Arminianist as you find but God is very much a prophetic God and He knows what the score is. Revelation is not a guess but it is a book about the prophetic vision of the people of God.

The reality is we are not God’s plan; we are part of God’s plan. The mission of God is use us but the emphasis must be on the central point of the gospel: the savior Jesus Christ. When we think we are the hero of the story; we have lost the whole point.

I am open to differences in thought about theological stuff. I am Pentecostal and I have Baptist friends.

DTS is bad missiology

If you are not part of YWAM or know much about them, they really believe in what is called Discipleship Training School. If you believe that Matthew 28:19 should take importance over the five other Great Commission passages; you still have a problem. Discipleship should be done in the context of the church. YWAM is a not a church but a missionary group.

The problem become when people replace the great commission with DTS. Many YWAM make doing a DTS, a money maker for YWAM, into the gospel. It is sad but when the emphasis is on a program and not the blood of Jesus; that is idolatry. It is simple as that.

I could never bring myself to promote the program when I was with YWAM. Most people do not need to do a DTS; it is not a replacement to the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. What people need is a Acts 2 Pentecostal experience more than some programs full of men teaching people what they think God said about Himself. The Holy Spirit alone will form young believers into mighty men and women!

I still love YWAM!

I left on good terms (for the most part). I still have many friends in YWAM and have worked with them in crusades in Africa as well as spoke in their school of missions before. I am against them but these issues are too big for me to sign on the dotted line and say I am with committed to Youth With A Mission.

In the end, we make better friends than family.

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Justin Peters, Todd Bentley, and discernment

Before we get started on this, I want to say that I will no way make fun or mock the condition of Justin Peters. I am saddened by his sickness that he has and more sickened that most of the issue he faced in because of a fear based theology he that was told was biblical. However, I know first hand the problems of dealing with sickness.

As I understand it, he has Cerebral Palsy and was prayed for by R.W. Schambach. I am not sure if that is in Tulsa or not. I also understand he has some very unkind words about the faith movement. I believe part of this might be because of living in Tulsa when things did get out of control in the early 1990’s. I was in the mix of it all and I will only said there are some thing happening, especially at Rhema Bible Training College that made me uncomfortable. (Yes, I am a graduate of Oral Roberts)

As someone that has a medical issue (but will preach healing all day), I disagree with Justin on being “content with life.” I believe we should always be trying to level up spiritually. We are to move closer to God than we was yesterday. Smith Wigglesworth said it best, “If you are in the same place in God than you are yesterday, you are backsliding.”

But, hey, that is a whole new discussion for another day.

Justin Peters has a problem with the Word of Faith Movement

The funny thing about this is I am firmly in the faith movement, graduate of Oral Roberts and all, but I probably agree on more issues with Justin that he would probably believe. I have preached against people laying hands on cars and “claiming them.” I walked out of a chapel at ORU and later confronted Kenneth Copeland to his faith for some things that was outside the Word. I did not think telling thousands of students in debt over their ears that “show me your bank account, I will show your faith” was right.

With that said, I believe that if you believe, you will recieve. It is a done deal. I believe that Prosperty is the will of God and there is a purpose for it. Every single promise of prosperity in the Bible is connected to a passage about the great commission. Prosperity is not for you, it is through you. After all, renting stadiums, buying bibles, and getting plane tickets are not free.

I have watched Benny Hinn much like Justin has. In fact, I had met with Benny twice and went have dinner with him once. He is a great person who loves people. He has helped many people around the world by building children’s homes for them. I have visited the ones he finances in Manila.

What else I have done is been on the platform of the crusade when Benny Hinn was touched by the Holy Spirit and it led him to re-think some of his positions on prosperity. It was in 2007 in Manila, Philippines. He saw the hunger of the poor spiritually and realized that poverty was not a demonic spirit.

I guess the difference between Justin Peter and myself is I am in the faith movement (with my eyes wide open) and see its problems. He is on the outside and can’t see its’ benefits. My guess would be the Word of Faith has won more people to Christ than any movement in the last twenty five years.

What about the Todd Bentley issue?

I know Todd. I was in the middle of the whole thing in Lakeland. I was in Oklahoma preaching in protracted meetings when I got an email that the fire of God was falling in Lakeland. I was ready to go….then I found out it was Todd Bentley’s meeting. At first, I knew the theological issue I had with Todd but I also knew he was a man of the Spirit and believed in the fullness of Pentecost. I asked a friend to come lead the revival I was in from Springfield and I left for Lakeland. When I went, I had a bible in one hand, a Strongs in the other and a mind that said, “Eat the meat and throw away the bones.”

I remember during those days getting emails from some pretty important ministries that was asking why in the world I was there and if I really believe that God was moving. They believed that I had really put my neck on the line and that Todd was unstable. Then, to my surprise one of those who emailed me walked onto the platform one evening and prayed for Todd to have the spirit of boldness.

What think I can tell you is my theology did not change because of being in the meetings and I was still doctrinally the same person. The important was that hundreds of people did not have the same story. They were delivered from drugs, sex addictions and crime by the presence of God in the meetings.

Where Justin Peters and I disagree is open attacks and using the bible, out of context, to do it. I want to include a video of Justin openly attacking Todd. What I do want to say is I respect Justin for doing it to Todd’s face.

The passage that Justin used is not against healing, delivernce or raising the dead. It is about doing the will of God. Todd is a doer of God’s will. How do I know? I have traveled with Todd Bentley to Africa and to South America. He preached the salvation message just as much as Justin Peters preaches it. It is the simple ABCs of salvation. God’s will is none would perish but all would come unto eternal life.

I can not help but think that there would have been a better way to handle this then to make a big public confrontation. The gospels tells us to go to them in private and if need be, bring others. To this regard, I have to say that Justin Peters did not do that and that Todd handled it quite well.

Justin Peters is an Independent Fundamental Baptist

From what I can tell, the guy is a hard core Fundamentalist that is to evangelicalism what Oneness Pentecostals are to Charsmatics. These guys live for a fight and they believe that holiness is about how you dress and what translation you use. Legalism is the name of the game and I have seen far too many people end up living in open sin once they get a little distance from the legalism. Not good.

My mother had a friend who had some issues with my mom being in ministry because her baptist church was against it. They just agreed to disagree and had a somewhat decent friendship for alot of years. Her son and I didn’t get along because I turned basketball into WWE too many times.

Then, the friend of my mom got Multiple Sclerosis and she became more and more against healing and her pastor was telling her that is was “the will of God.” As things went on, my mom and her became less friendly because my mom does not believe (nor do I) than disease is the design of heaven or the Kingdom in this world.

Where I stand on the whole Discernment (heresy hunters) ministries

I get that you want to keep people accountable and all but we need to build up people and to say anyone that disagrees with you is going to hell just is not right. I believe that Justin Peters will be in heaven with me and I believe that Todd Bentley will be in heaven with me as well.

At the end of the day, we must remember that our faith is based on just that, faith; not doctrine or philosophies.

See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the elemental spiritual forces of this world rather than on Christ. (Colossians 2:8)

 For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power. (1 Corinthians 4:20)