Benny Hinn I know : Eye witness to the controversial ministry

Faith Message, Healing, Missiology, Pentecostal News

I have traveled with Benny Hinn. It was the opportunity of a lifetime. I wanted to learn more about doing crusades and when it come to...

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Is there a coming healing revival?

Church History, Healing, Revival

wd_hustle id=”email”A question that I get a lot is concerning a coming healing revival? It is centered around some prophetic...

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Jack Frost and the Father’s Embrace

Healing, Theology, Vineyard

Jack Frost was an amazing man that carried the message of the Fatherhood of God to the people of God. I really enjoyed listening to his...

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A.A. Allen on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Healing, Pneumatology

A.A. Allen was a healing evangelist in the Voice of Healing revival in the 1950’s. He saw the miracle ministry of Oral Roberts, quit...

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Misty Edwards & Dark night of the soul!


I was going through some old music on Amazon’s music player and I find the pre-release for Misty Edwards first CD that she put out....

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Jeff Jansen wants the glory!

Healing, Revival

Jeff Jansen is one of those guy I ran into at one place or another for years. He was a spiritual son of Bob Jones and believed in the...

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House of Hope and Healing is a failure!

Assemblies of God, Ecclesiology, Healing, Revival

I have spoken very openly about Pastor Steve Gray and the man made kingdom known as World Revival Church. One of their pipe dreams was the...

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Keep your love on will not bring revival!

Bethel Church, Ecclesiology, Healing, Missiology

Latter Rains is deeply committed to revival and we are not going to change the subject of revival for anything. Until people are saved,...

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Supernatural Weight Loss is of God?

Faith Message, Healing, Prayer, Revival

From time to time, I hear people talk about supernatural weight loss. This is where the power of God will make you loss 10-30 pounds of...

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Why the prophetic ministry is dying!

Healing, Missiology, Prophecy, Revival, Theology

I believe the prophetic ministry is dying a slow death and it the people from within that is killing it, not the critics. We have been...

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