Crusade Evangelism is the only hope for the Philippines

Church History, Culture, Healing, Missiology, Revival

Latter Rains is mostly about revival and issues hindering it from a prophetic point of view. However, from time to time, I discuss real...

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G12 churches & Leo Carlos Panlilio

Culture, Ecclesiology, G12 Churches, Missiology

I have no choice but bring this public rebuke to a very dangerous and demonic teaching in the Church today. It has done untold damage to...

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John Bevere & the legalistic spirit!

Culture, Education, Theology

John Bevere is a teacher based in Colorado Springs but a dangerous teacher that leads people into bondage, not freedom. I have long...

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United Pentecostal Church believers or cult?

Church History, Culture, Missiology, Prayer, Prophecy, Revival, Theology

I was on Facebook and a friend asked me “Are United Pentecostals christian or are they a cult?” This is an honest question that...

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Pentecostals are blood washed, not brainwashed

Culture, Education, Missiology, Theology

I am a Pentecostal. I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to save, heal, deliver, and fill. I am washed by the blood of Jesus but I am...

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Darren Wilson: delivered from Doubting Thomas

Culture, Missiology, Revival, Theology

Yesterday, we covered on Filming God and judging God Stories based on the documentary by Darren Wilson. Today, we will continue on the...

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Statement of New Apostolic Reformation