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Should Bill Johnson and Bethel Redding be rejected as heretical?

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A question many have is what to do with the teachings of Bethel Redding in light of their eschatological bent toward Partial Preterism and...

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3 things Bethel Redding really needs to stop to see more true Outpouring

Bethel Church

Here at Azusa Report, we have talked about Bill Johnson’s Bethel Redding in both praises and criticism. I think they do are going a...

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Bill Johnson and Altar Calls?

Bethel Church, Theology

There has been quite the discussion of late on Facebook about the altar call that Bill Johnson from Bethel Church in Redding gave on Easter...

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Christian Torah Cards and Warlocks : A followup with Christalignment

Bethel Church, Theological Discussions

I posted a response a few weeks ago about Christalignment and destiny card/Christian Tarot Cards nonsense that was going on. I did not say...

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Bethel Church and Destiny Cards : Reponse to Theresa Dedmon

Assemblies of God, Bethel Church, Prophecy, Theology

I love Bethel Church. I disagree with Bethel Church. I love them and disagree with them. I have defended them and I have confronted them. I...

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Bethel Church is New Apostolic Reformation? : In defense of Bill Johnson and Bethel Church

Assemblies of God, Bethel Church, Church History, Ecclesiology, Heresy hunters, Revival, Theology

There is a reason that I support Bill Johnson and his ministry. It is not because I think that Bethel Church is beyond correctness. I have...

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Bethel School of Ministry bible college?

Bethel Church, Education

A question I am asking often goes like this, “Is Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry worth going to?” It is noble question...

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Steve Witt: Pacifism does not work!

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I was on Facebook today and a friend, Steve Witt, posted something very thoughtful. If you do not know Steve, he is the leader of the...

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Keep your love on will not bring revival!

Bethel Church, Ecclesiology, Healing, Missiology

Latter Rains is deeply committed to revival and we are not going to change the subject of revival for anything. Until people are saved,...

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