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When Bill Johnson is wrong : Response to Bethel Redding over Faith!

Assemblies of God, Theological Discussions

What happens when Bethel Redding just get is dead wrong? Well, they posted something on Facebook that sounds great to the ears of young...

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Brownsville Church? : Sad day for the Brownsville Revival!

Assemblies of God, Revival

I was on Facebook and I noticed that Brownsville Assembly of God has become Brownsville Church. While this is popular to do these days, I...

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William Durham and the impact on Pentecostalism

Assemblies of God, Azusa Street, Church History

Most of us know the names like William Seymour and Charles Fox Parham but another leader that you might not know about is a man by the name...

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Open Letter to Dr. Doug Clay

Assemblies of God

The following letter to Dr. Doug Clay has come out of discussion I have had with pastors, professors and missionaries within the Assemblies...

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Teen Challenge opens Detox Center in Pennsylvania

Assemblies of God, Teen Challenge

PE News (Pentecostal Evangel of the Assemblies of God) has a news article that says that Pennsylvania Teen Challenge has opened its’...

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Marvin Gorman passed away at 83.

Assemblies of God, Testimonies

Many of us might not remember Marvin Gorman, I hardly do, but he passed away today. He was a pastor in Baton Rouge that has issues with...

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Statement of New Apostolic Reformation