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Cancelled : Why Azusa Report is cancelling all engagements

I have stated before that the Lord has called me to a reset and everything was on the table. It is more drastic that I believed it was on February 13 when the visitation began. All future engagements are cancelled.

The Holy Spirit has made it clear that everything I am doing need to come to a complete halt. I thought it was just seriously cutting back on US travel and to cancel international travel. However, it is must more than that.

Let me be very clear: the Holy Spirit has told me to cancel all travel and to focus on the wounded. I have burned for revival since 1998 and I have allowed it to become more important to me than the things that God sees as important. As a result, I have ignored the wounded. This is not the Lord’s heart.

I can not tend to the wounded and continue trying to do the things I have been doing. Something has to give and that is going to be the ministry I have been doing. I have to focus on what God sees as important.

As I said, I thought it would be to pull back to limited ministry. I would only minister at a handful of churches that I have direct relationships with in Missouri and Oklahoma. Since then, God has made it clear to me: all public ministry needs to stop.

Is this goodbye to ministry?

It is more a “see you later” than a goodbye. I can not continue to proclaim revival from the mountaintops when there is things in my own life that are a wreck. This is actually true about relationships. It is time to build the people around me that will empower me in the day of revival.

I believe very strongly that God increases our authority and effectiveness when things are in order away from the platform. There is a list of things that I have completely ignored to proclaim the message of revival. That list can not be ignored. When that list because a list of support; I will be back in some degree with everything in order.

Some things have been left out of order for so long in the name of ministry that even close friends were not aware of the challenges. I had left these things in own life just “status quo” since people who have known me for years don’t remember it any other way.

This is not acceptable anymore. It is a time to tend to the wounded and heal the pain my drive for revival has caused. It is time to deal with the things within me that caused that pain. I can not say I am going to deal with it out one side of the mouth and say I am running to a conference out of the other. That is what we call hypocrisy.

Jeremiah 30 tells about restoration is about dealing with the core issues that caused pain and then God will restore health and healing to us in our repentance. That is what we need.

It is about oil!

In Matthew 25:1-13, we read about the parable of the ten virgins. The moral of the story is having oil. Half of them had oil and half of them didn’t when the Bridegroom came. The ones that did not were left at the catching up of the saints.

The thing that many people do not understand about this passage is the same word used for a loss of oil is used for quenching the Holy Spirit. The word sbennumi literally means to quench or suppress. The foolish virgins lost their intimacy by suppressing the leading of the Holy Spirit.

When the Holy Spirit tells us to do something and we do not know, we are suppressing Him in our lives. Continuing to do this can become a salvation issue. Nothing should put the fear of God in us more quickly.

I also know that the quenching the Holy Spirit is not just about prayer meetings. It is about how we live. Peter wrote the churches in Asia Minor telling them how they treated their families was directly affecting their prayer, for example.

Ephesians 4:30 scares me. It should you as well. Grieving the Holy Spirit is my greatest fear. I do not ever want to do it and I wonder if my neglect of the people that God put in my life has grieved the Holy Spirit.

What does it mean for Azusa Report?

I have preached Joel 2:12 for years. The Lord is calling me to personally to live in that tension of that reality. Return to the Lord without your heart is not just for backsliders. It is for the revivalists too!

When the Spirit leads me to put down everything to seek Him, tend to the wounded, and deal with the damage of neglect has done; nothing else matters. I will do what the Lord says no matter the cost. Simple as that.

I do not know what this means quite yet. I don’t have plans to completely stop writing articles about revival but I am sure they will not be 4-5 a week. I do know all public ministry that is connected to the website directly will cease.

I have no plans to do any traveling, preaching or street evangelism until the wounded are healed, supported by those were hurt and the Holy Spirit releases me to do it. It might be years before I make another ministry trip or preach in a church. I am putting no timetable on it.

Until we meet again, keep your lamp shining and your oil burning. Wait and watch for the day to come. Revival is our destiny!

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