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Brownsville Revival was of the DEVIL!

Brownsville Revival was no revival.

Those was the words of this older man in Negros today. He saw that I had a bible and was reading it. We talked and he proudly told me he was a former professor at Pensacola Christian College. I do mean proudly.

Having a friend that went to the school there, I knew just how legalistic, out of touch and condemning they are. If there is a beat to a song, it is demonic according to them. Jeans are off limits for women too.

Did I dare tell him I went not only to Brownsville Revival School of Ministry but also Oral Roberts University?

“Brownsville Revival was too worldly”

Really? I look back and think that Brownsville Revival was too legalistic if anything. It was a page out of traditional classic Pentecostalism. That means some legalism that people never really for set free from.

In the heat of Florida, we had to dress like we was going to the General Council of the Assemblies of God. No matter if we was in the Air Conditioning or not!

I love the Brownsville Revival but legalism was there…. but not the level of Pensacola Christian College. I will give you that!

“Brownsville wasn’t about Jesus.”

In all the meetings that I was in, I never saw a night that the gospel wasn’t preached by someone in some form. In anything, the Brownsville Revival was too weak on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I am sure my legalistic friends would disagree.

He went to tell me how Steve Hill, Dr. Micheal L. Brown, and others deceived and no one was saved there. They were all false salvation.

What is scary is people like this really think they are right and they are the only ones going to heaven. Sad really.


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