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Why do prophets live in brokenness?

There is a growing issue among prophetic people about their own brokenness. People do not want to admit it but prophets are some of the broken people in the church. The reasons for this are many but the answers for it seem to be none. What few suggestions that people do have are carnal in nature.

People who are true prophets understand the world’s system rooted in the worship of humanism offer nothing. You can not take psychology, throw some Christian language on top of it and it works long term among the faithful. Doing this will provide band aids at best.

In our context, we have little to offer besides quick fix humanism and the psychology of the fallen world. There is nothing left after exposing these “hollow and deceptive philosophies.” Churches love to cover up brokeness with pretty programs and ideas that shatter in the presence of the prophet. This is where we are today.

Prophetic people are not the norm. The social dynamics of what the world consider “socially acceptable” does not apply. Leonard Ravenhill had it right “He is ordained of God but disdained by men.” The application of the world’s system will never work for the prophet. It never has.

My own prophetic brokeness

When I got saved, I got radical saved out of a life of sin. It was quite the transformation. I never wanted to embrace the call of a forerunner. In fact, I was happy to just be living for Christ and be touched in such a powerful way. I was literally given a second life when I got saved. It is just that dramatic.

When God called me to his ministry on August 4, 1998 when I had my first open vision; everything changed. I walked away from many opportunities to pursue the vision I had at evening at Brownsville. No one seemed to have a grid for what I was called to do. At the end of the day, the only thing we knew about prophets were the Kansas City Prophets.

Fast forward a few years and a few major rejections from people that pretended to care; I was in deep pain. It was not pretty and everyone had worldly answers to the problem at hand. They wanted me to do this and do that. When I did not submit to the ways of the fallen world; I was labeled as “crazy” and “unstable.” I literally heard this words said to me by pastors.

In the end, I knew that if all betrayed and discarded me by people who claimed to care; the only answer to brokenness comes in the prayer room. I had to find the hope from the place of intimacy. This is the only answer to brokenness and curses put on the prophet by people who want them to fail. All the chains put on them by the worldliness in the church world are broken in the throne room.

The very people who call me “crazy” and “unstable” decades ago are either heretics or living in open sin today. None of them are burning bright for revival. None of them. In fact, many of them are living in their own brokenness state without intimacy. (Most of them are divorced these days.)

How to overcome

Revelation 2 and 3 is full of the language about being an overcomer. How do we really become one? One thing we do know is overcoming is not the success of this world. Having the material things of this world we are passing through does not make one an overcomer.

You won’t overcome the world by trying the things of this world. Psychology and Philosophy will never make you one. The answer to those who overcome in the scripture is always based in intimacy with the world and divorcing sin from their lives. Nothing else will do it. The problem is you can’t sell intimacy and repentance to people, they have to find it on their own.

Those who label prophetic people as crazy and unstable like those pastors did are not found in the prayer meeting. They rarely take time to contend for the heart of the Father in their own lives. They preach from the wisdom of this world and not in the spirit of wisdom and revelation. (Ephesians 1:17) These preachers are the ones who are wannabe therapist and the pulpit becomes their couch.

These type of people will not be overcomers. They will not inherit the things of the Kingdom in this life or in the Kingdom age to come. To be quite honest, I fear for the soul of these leaders when they stand before God without oil in their lamps. (Matthew 25:1-13)

How to address broken prophets?

The answer is simple but the backlash for it is complex. If a prophet is broken; the only answer that will work is point them to the place of prayer. Boundaries, pastoral care, and talking over Starbucks has nothing worked and it will never work. This is the wisdom of men and only God’s revelatory wisdom will change the prophet.

While many would consider this a hard saying because they want the “easy fix.” There is nothing easy about throwing everything in life to the side and spending months in the presence of the Lord. Everything else does not matter if you do not have a deep walk with the Lord.

The word of the Lord does not come from doing inner healing sessions or sitting on the therapist’s couch. It will only come from the presence of the Lord. If the prophet has not been in the throne room, he is worthless as a forerunner to his generation. The problem with the advice we give them for brokenness is about the world’s concepts; not locking themselves away and become like Mary of Bethany.

Do I expect the church world to smash their idols of psychology and therapy? I would but I know that these idols are too well loved by the backslidden of the clergy. It won’t happen even if it should. The sad state of the American church.

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