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Brian Zahnd & the Gospel of Peace

Before I start into this discussion, let me say this: I am a former member of Word of Life Church in Saint Joseph, MO that Brian Zahnd is the Senior Pastor of and has been since its’ planting.

I would have to say I was around fifteen when I met Brian or as we called him BZ. He was an over the top Word of Faith and prosperity preacher. He was regularly having speakers like Jesse Duplantis, Joyce Meyer and Steve Musney come to speak. I sit and listen to many of the greatest voices in the faith movement back then. Word of Life was like a scale down version of Victory Christian Center in Tulsa.

I left Word of Life…twice. It was to join the staff of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City under Mike Bickle once and the second time was over a misunderstanding with one of the pastors.

I still am friends with Brian on Facebook and follow him on Twitter. However, I have not spoken with him in a maybe a decade face to face.

Brian Zahnd changed

I remember hearing him in a small group in a prayer meeting talk about St. Augustine alot and I was a little turned off by the over use of Catholic theology but did not think alot about it. After all, back then, the differences were not as dramatic as they are today!

Don’t misunderstand. I am not throwing stones at him. Brian was a man that I love because he was simple. He knew how to do two things (by his own admission): preach faith and do altar calls. He was very good at both!

Somewhere along the way, he left what he calls “consumer christianity.” He also changed his view on the Defense Department of the United States dramatically. He used to be a very strong supporter of our military and was very patriotic.

Brian has turned into a Pacfist

I saw a series of videos recently that featured Brian going head to head with my former Bible College President, Dr. Micheal L. Brown. I somewhat was impressed that Brian Zahnd did so well against such excellence of theological education. (Brian is self taught) Dr. Brown is like debating Stanley Horton or history with Dr. Eddie Hyatt. I have to give BZ respect for taking the challenge!

Somewhere, he has become a minister of pacifism and call it Peace. This is a far cry from the Brian Zahnd that use to cover his church from side to side with American flags and threw a huge party at the church for Independence Day.

In fact, a friend of mine drove me to church because my Chevy Camero was broke. He walked into a the sanctuary and saw a huge sign that said, “It’s time for war.” He stayed to see what the gospel had to do with war. He also came to Christ that morning. His conversion was because of a sign that had to do with war.

What do I think of Zahnd’s throwing out of half of the gospel

I am concerned, as many, that Brian has threw out much of anything from a Hippized gospel that looks more like something John Crowder. I do not, for one minute, that believe that God has given us this confusion of a Jesus that looks like it a banner for Woodstock!

One thing I am concerned about is I remember that Brian Zahnd condemning the heresy of Carlton Pearson a few years. It seems that much of that theology is not presented by Brian himself. That is what is alarming to me.

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