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How Evangelicals empower Hillary Clinton

I recently was surfing the internet (a passion of mine) and ended up on my old pastor’s blog. Brian Zahnd use to be a strong faith based morally led pastor. His brother, Eric Zahnd was even an elected conservative in Platte City. However, BZ as we called him seems to think the being liberal is cool now.

A recent blog that basically mocked the whole process by which we come to find the President, he actually confirmed that he by proxy voted for Barack Obama. He wrote in Bob Dylan and Wendell Berry in the last two elections. I am sorry but as a son of a war veteran, this is shameful. 

Brian Zahnd supports Hillary Clinton

How in the world an evangelical pastor can support such nonsense is beyond my ability to understand. However, it seems that he is a firm supporter in open borders and does not mind destroying the US economy as a result. He talks about a man in his church (that must have came after I left) that is an illegal alien. Zahnd goes as far as saying that we should give the Statue  of Liberty back to France because we do not deserve it anymore.

I have no idea how Brian came to this place morally. I am not sure how he reasons many of his views anymore. He is against national defense. He is against sound economics. He is against protected borders. He seems to think that America should be the world’s sugar daddy instead of the world’s police.

I never thought I would read a post where an evanglical pastor who preached in faith alone, by grace alone and through Christ alone would be supporting Hillary Clinton right down the list. As far as I am concerned, this is not a political choice. It is an issue of morality. 

The problem with the “least of these” statements

In his blog, Zahnd says the following that is completely out of context,

Voting for candidates and issues based on who and what you think would best serve those whom Jesus called “the least of these” seems to be a Christ-like thing to do and a good way to vote.

The problem here is that Matthew 25 is not a political directive at all. It is a spiritual directive for the people of faith to visit their brothers when they are put in prison for the faith. It was about persecution of the saints, not how a government should operate after Roosevelt’s New Deal disaster. Using that phrase for political reasoning is a complete denial of what the people of faith, the Bride of Christ is to do and be about.

Hillary Clinton is a lost cause, Is Zahnd?

I know this is a harsh statement and I realize that we share the same hometown. However, I am starting to wonder if Brian Zahnd is even born again anymore. I do not see much oil (Matthew 25:1-13) on his life and he seems very confused about the meat of the gospel. I do not think he would listen to me or anyone though. It has cost him about 1,000 families at his church as of today.

Hillary Clinton is one confused woman that does not even know what faith is. She actually has been on the record saying that Jesus was wrong on some issues like gay marriage and abortion. Heavens knows what Zahnd now believes about that.

The hill is slippery once you start down it. People start playing with doctrines and treating the bible as a buffet line. Over time, they end up like Brian where they are just confused and not even sure what is truth anymore.

Allow me to leave you with this: Heaven is still real. Hell is still hot. Repentance is still required. The lost are still perishing. Let’s get back to the core values of the Kingdom, shall we?

Note: you can go to his website BrianZahnd.com to find the article titled, How I’m voting to read it. I do not want to link it. 

I am under no impression that saying what I have said will allow me to be accepted at Word of Life and embraced by the followers of Zahndism. I just bless them and move on with my life.

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