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Brian McLaren, Sorry I am not a student of Fox News!

Brian McLaren

Brian McLaren is an interesting guy and while he is not Pentecostal, a lot of people in our movement do listen to him. I do not understand but that does not change the fact.

I recently came across a video on Youtube that he thinks anyone with a morally conservative position is “disciples of Fox News, extremist radio talk shows, and right wing websites.”

I do not watch Fox News, listen to Rush or read Glenn Beck but I do believe that America has a right to secure her borders and build prosperity. I also believe in a requirement of God for every nation to steward the people that call themselves citizen.

The Gospel is being hijacked by socialists

I believe in the holistic gospel. Jesus came to address your spiritual, mental and physical needs. It is not socialism but authentic Christianity. However, there is a raping of that gospel by socialists like Brian McLaren.

The primary concern of the Church should not be border control, definition of marriage or even abortion (yes, I said that). The main burden of the blood bought saint should be that there is a world going to hell without a Savior. It does not matter if you are on the “right”side of gay marriage but bust hell wide open.

What is happening is we have people starting to openly dismantle core foundations of the faith. This goes beyond the “Is tongues the evidence” debate. Things like missiology and ecclesiology are under attack. How we understand who we are and what we about is become a source of confusion.

This is bigger than Brian McLaren

This is not just one or two misguided pastors. There is a whole movement of people who think the gospel is to proclaim the platform of the Democratic National Convention. This is why I take issue with with some pastors.  

What we need more than ever is the prophets. We need men (and women) who will stand up to the nonsense in the pulpit and remind us that our whole message is about a bloody Savior on an Old Rugged Cross. That is where the power of transformation of society really lies.

In the end, I want to be on the right side of the gospel than I do on the right side of immigration. One will not matter in light of eternity. If our concerns are merely social, we have successful been sidetracked by the devil.

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