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Breathe Prosphesy : Prophetic call to Glory!

I was working on something this morning and was letting Amazon Music play and Breathe Prophesy started. It was a prophetic signpost to remind me of a very good time in my life. It was at the turn of the century and it seemed everywhere I turned a miracle, a prophecy or a word of knowledge was happening. I started to weep to remember the goodness of God.

That during a special session in life. It was as if I saw Open Heaven over me and everyone around me was being blessed as a result. I was hungry for the presence and people around me got hungry just being around me.

I long for those days again in my life. It is what I want more than anything. It is not something that should just be on my prayer list; it should be the prayer list. I want to be consumed by the presence of the Holy Ghost!

I did not know that much Greek or Hebrew back then. I couldn’t tell you a thing about systematic theology or even explain my eschatology very well. It did not really matter though because God was coming. and people were being touched in ways that was unreal. I was crazy enough to believe to “Silver and gold I have none, what I have I give you.”

Then 2001 happened.

Restore the years!

God has told that if we focus on return to the manifest presence of God that changes people that He will restore the years of the Locust. God has promised to do this many times in the scriptures. Joel 2 is just one example.

The restoration of the Locust years in Joel is a prophetic imagery for lost years that was wasted. God basically promised to His children that He will restore the lost years that was wasted when we value the presence of God more than anything. (Joel 2:28-32)

I find this promise important in my own life. I have had a roller coaster of times with the Holy Spirit since 2002. A lot of prophecies and words spoken over me but they never came manifest. I have even had major struggles.

The best way to explain my ministry from 2002 to Christmas 2018 is a wild scary roller coaster. There has been many times of prophetic words and profound times but between them have been some rather dark times.

Most of the positive fruit was in Fiji and the Philippines. Fiji was the country that missionaries were told that if they went to, they would be eaten alive.

Traveling to a village in Fiji with a local pastor.

However, I believe that God is telling us that if we will do nothing but seek his raw manifest presence like we once did; he will restore the lost years. I would like to see the dark times from 2002 to 2018 wiped out by the glory!

I firmly believe the Holy Spirit is saying that the Father will blot out our failures, mistakes, and regrets. Restoration means that we recover vision before the offense. When God says he will restore the lost years. He will blot out the failures of them forever!

In the presence of Angels

It is also important to understand there will be some angelic activity protecting us as we pursue the the manifest presence. Some of them will be visible and some of them will not. It is something that we should aware of but not worship the angels themselves.

I have not had a lot of angelic visitations in my life but I have had a few and everyone was unique and powerful. A few other times, I have become aware of them in a meetings above people but it has been few and far between. (Oddly, All of these were outside the United States)

One thing to remember is that God can send angels as people (Hebrews talks about this) to encounter strangers. In many cases, angels look just the guy at the local diner. Angels can prophesy and give words of knowledge to people as well as believers.

However, the main thing that we will see an increase of is angelic intercession. They are there to war on our behalf and close the gap between Heaven and Earth. That will become more and more real as we return to the desire to have nothing but God’s presence in our lives.

Angelogy is one of the most misunderstood and becomes downright goofy by extremists. However, I completely am sure there will be an increase in the angelic!

The Phoenix Issue

Many of you know that I have seen a recurring prophetic dream about a Phoenix bird flying over America. In its’ simplistic, it is a ideal that of being born out of the ashes of yesteryear and be promoted to soar high behind all of creation.

It is the story of beauty for ashes for a person, a church, a city and the nation. It is a cycle of renewal and revival that won’t quit: only reinvents itself. I believe this is but one small piece for Stadium Christianity. The Phoenix revival is the same thing Paul Cain saw, just different.

I believe that God is going to give us the power to do the “greater works” but we have to be leave to be closer than a brother first. When we get back to the focus of the raw presence of God, we will see more anointing than we have ever seen. It is true that God will pour our Spirit beyond measure to a people without mixture.

Before we can walk in the mantle of revival before the world (Phoenix vision), we have to learn to walk before the men in manifest anointing. We have to learn how to walk before God before we can walk before the world. We also need God to restore the lost years of our lives.

We need to prepare ourselves for the coming end time harvest just as much as we need the harvest itself. That is where most people fall.

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