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Black Lives Matter gospel and Dr. Scott Hagan

Dr. Scott Hagan is the President of North Central University, the school that hosted the memorial service of George Floyd. By doing this (and starting a memorial scholarship) he has engaged himself in the Black Lives Matter gospel, a false gospel. As an evangelist and member of the Assemblies of God, I am completely disappointed in this.

At the memorial service where he let the likes of Al Sharpton, a known false teacher, preach the Black Lives Matter gospel and instead of boldly rebuking the Marxist message of these false teachers; he encouraged it with a special fund that is given based on how much melanin one has; not the call of God on their lives.

So people across this nation can give to the college of their choice, it is time to invest like never before in a new generation of young black Americans who are poised to take leadership of our nation, so university presidents let’s step up together.

There is nothing to suggest that God is going to anoint men just because they have a different amount of melanin in their skin than someone else. Anointing does not come based on race but on paying the price for the anointing. Nothing else.

Is the demographics of the Assemblies changing?

A look at the membership by race for 2018 (2019 is not yet out), we can see the membership among blacks has grew from 6.2% to 11.1% across the Assemblies of God. The good news is that means roughly 200,000 people have come to Jesus through our ministries since 2001.

Now, the question becomes did people just leave another church, probably the Church of God in Christ and join the Assemblies of God? This is very possible. I would guess that a large portion of these numbers are transfer of letters or nominal believers (“Sunday Christians”) What we do know is the culture of black America is not twice as holy it was in 2001.

With that aside, is there reason to believe the Assemblies of God has a future of black leaders and that the face of the movement will change in the next 20 years? I do not believe this to be true. It could be but unlikely. Affirmative Action may have made some inroads but majority of the voting members of General Council still are older, white men.

Simply put, the future of the Assemblies is not going to be as a black movement. They will not lead and they have a long way to go to have a majority of voting members at General Council. The membership is local assemblies would have to grow over five times what it is right now without the white population growing at all. This simply is not going to happen.

The growth among the Hispanic population is more a challenge to the white controlled executive council. I could see the numbers of Hispanic members on the floor in 20 years rival those who are white. While I do have concerns about this, mainly the theological future of the movement, it will probably happen in my lifetime. I welcome it as well.

Oddly, North Central University’s population is 4.6% Black which is about a third of the population within the movement itself. Just as a point of reference, North Central is over 75% white.

Is Dr. Scott Hagan a Marxist?

It would be clear to many that he is teaching a form of the social gospel. While he might not be fully Marxist in his theology; it is a departure from the doctrine of the movement as defined at our leaders a century ago. The issue of racial interrelation was not the core of the “New Issue” in 1916. It was theological, not racial.

The humanistic message that is taking root at North Central is nothing more than the social gospel from the 1880’s. I do not know how deep it runs. I pray the theology professors have not bought into this message as much as it seems that Dr. Scott Hagan has at this point.

This is not the road to revival. It has never been the road. I can not see Brother Flowers standing up and preaching the message of humanism that was still very popular in the early days of the Assemblies of God. I do not know of Walter Rauschenbusch speaking at an early General Council.

In fact, the closest that the Assemblies of God has come to a social message is the hospital in India known as Mercy Hospital and the Los Angeles Dream Center (oddly in another hospital.) Both of these ministries do not make the gospel social but spiritual.

A call to Dr. Scott Hagan

I am calling for him to consider the message of the Assemblies of God to the world. We preach Jesus as the Savior, healer, deliverer, and Baptizer in the Holy Ghost. We do not see the answer to world’s problems is human effort. In fact, most our early fathers would state they believe “this world we will leave” and it was corrupt.

Any social interaction that the early Assemblies of God leaders had with the issues of society was primarily for evangelism purposes. When the Spanish Flu broke out, they saw it an opportunity to preach the healing power of Jesus; not endless dialog on public health.

Our leaders rejected any and all forms of the social gospel for the first century of the movement. They saw nothing of the Lord in the message of people like Walter Rauschenbusch. It grieves me that people like Scott Hagan can’t discern the renewal of this false gospel in the language of the Black Lives Matter movement. I believe it grieves the Holy Spirit as well.

I am open to being wrong about his preaching the message of the social gospel and its’ warming up to the Black Lives Matter gospel that it seems he is very open to in the public media. I have reached out to his office and to a friend that teaches at North Central University to learn more about what the actual philosophy of Scott Hagan really is.

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