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Benny Hinn School of Ministry : legit training or online scam?

Benny Hinn School of Ministry

There is new ministry training opportunities coming up all the time and one of them is Benny Hinn School of Ministry. Is it really a good place to get ministerial training or not? I will give a spoiler here: I am pro- Benny Hinn!

Benny Hinn School of Ministry is a collection of teachings of him that include a study guide. It is a smart way to sell his online products if you ask me. I do have my reservations about this but I do like what they are doing here. I am just not sure it should be called a school of ministry. Something like “Study with Benny Hinn” would be better in my view.

What what I can tell, they have courses that are hour long lessons that you take. The cost of the total course is $75. This is not a bad value for someone looking to learn more and grow in the things of the Spirit.

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Benny Hinn School of Ministry = Bad marketing

I want to give some concerns that I have. I am not against what they are doing but the marketing angle of this is completely wrong. It is not a bible school and it is more about personal enrichment than it is about serious biblical education. You will not graduate with the tools to do exegesis of John.

I have real issues with ministries claiming they have schools that train people that really are not schools. The same is true of Bethel Redding, World Revival Church and IHOPKC. What they basically have is a paid internship, not bible schools.

I am not against that but you won’t leave there with an actual degree that you can use in real ministry. It is VERY unlikely that the Assemblies of God, Church of God, Foursqaure Churches, or anyone else would honor Benny Hinn School of Ministry.

The other issue that I would be concerned about is the theological value of the teaching themselves. Benny is an amazing evangelist but most attempts he makes at being a teacher end up very bad. Some of the wildest doctrines I have ever seen come from Benny Hinn trying to be Stanley Horton Jr. He really should focus on soul winning and reaching the lost of this world; not trying to teach the depths of the Trinity. It would be better for everyone.

The third concern I have is there is no actual training happening. He is known for his gospel crusades around the world. However, nowhere in the teaching library do they offer any real and practical training on how to do them or even evanglism in general. People would get far more out of a course how to do put together a crusade than they would hearing Benny Hinn trying to teaching on the blood of Jesus.

On a side note, if you are interested in how to do a crusade, I highly recommend contacting Mike Francen of Francen World Outreach. His training manual is the best out there.

Bible college

Why Biblical education matters

People need real training where they learn theology that how to rightly break down the scriptures. They need to be able to understand what was said, why it was said, what was happening, and what the culture they was in that played into all of it. If you do not understand all of this, you can not really understand what the Bible is really saying. I am not saying that every ministry should be a mini-seminary. However, people going to school of ministries and they can’t even tell you what the Greek says about anything in the New Testament is a embarrassment. 

There is nothing wrong with having scholarly understanding and walking in the Spirit. The more knowledge we have, the more the Holy Spirit can use to awake the nation through us. I have received words from people while praying that have historical and biblical connection. If I did not have the historical and the biblical understanding, it would not have connected with me. A true student of the Word should seek to have as much knowledge as possible.

The attitude that many Pentecostals have toward education is not helping us reach an increasingly indoctrinated world with the hope and power of God. Being an educated redneck with the “God said in the Bible” as the answer to every social problem is not going to reach a liberal generation. If we have any hope for evangelizing the intellectual, we better get serious about having biblical and historical knowledge.

Where to get biblical education

Let’s assume that you want to get real biblical education but you can’t move to Springfield or Cleveland, Tennessee. What are your options? Instead of doing the Benny Hinn School of Ministry that won’t really train you for ministry, I would highly recommend looking into Berean School of the Bible by Global University. They are the online education arm of the Assemblies of God.

I firmly believe that once you finished their courses, you will be armed with the biblical understanding that you need to understand the Bible and teach it to the lost dying world around us. It is not just some evangelist’s teachings but sound scholarly education for the person called to ministry.

If you are looking to be a pastor in the Assemblies of God, the educational requirements are fulfilled by completing Berean School of the Bible. I also believe that Church of God and the Foursquare Gospel honors their school to meet their educational needs for ministers.

Once you have a solid biblical background in systematic theology, going through something like the bible studies that Benny Hinn offers would be beneficial. I believe this is the rightful place for these type of training opportunities. The same is true for people going to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.

It is my desire to see a generation of fiery Pentecostal preachers who are who have a theological depth to them that match their spiritual depth. We are not there yet.

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