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Being missional or doing missions?

I am moving back to Westport in Kansas City and the reason is to be missional. When I saw I was coming upon burn out again and needed rest; I was thinking about where to move and rest in Kansas City. I thought about joining arms with IHOP again and contending for revival in the place of prayer. I also consider moving close to Lee’s Summit to be part of what was happening at World Revival Church. However, I made my mind to go to Westport for several reasons:

1) Missional ministry is community driven. Westport has a growing Wicca movement and LGBT community getting more bold. How do we reach them? Through eating with them at McDonalds and have coffee at the same Panera. We will NOT reach the lost until we embrace them in their culture, in their world, on their terms. They will be won through power evangelism, namely prophetic ministry, but it must be done in the context of relationships.

2) The Arts is close to God’s heart. Westport is an area fill of fine arts people. Your theater people, your music people, your painters, etc all come to Westport for meeting and many of them live among us in Westport. Living among them gives me the opportunity to dicuss with them the arts and the reason reason for them: to worship the Lord with them.

3) I love the nightlife. I love the ongoing life of the city. I like to go to the bars and drink a coke and just talk to people I could never know from church. I can sit and watch a game with them and talk about life and win them to Christ through chilling with them on their terms and befriending them. While some would have problems with believers in bars, they don’t everything that the world is Lord’s footshool and if the glory is going to cover the earth, that includes the bars. Also, through church history, it was the pubs that saw revival hit first.

I want to encourage you to seek to be missional. Pick a place to eat breakfast every day and get to know the people there by going there day after day. Go to Panera and do your “quiet time” each morning. This is how we become missional.

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