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Embacing the Depravation of Humanity

I was sitting with a missionary friend today and he demanded that I get my finger looked as it was probably broken. I know it wasn’t but he is Filipino. That means every thing is drama and the worst case possible! It also met a trip to Baguio General Hospital.

Read how I was nearly martyred 

I am not sure why but when people in the Philippines go to a hospital, it brings the worst in them out. People behave in ways they normally wouldn’t.

What I found at Baguio General Hospital

As I sitting there waiting my turn like everyone else at the government hospital. I could use my old governmental ID card and get looked at right away. I am just a citizen now so I don’t.

As I sit there using the free wifi at Baguio General Hospital, I am watching the people come and go. Some have pointless “boo boos” and other having very serious stuff.

I see people yelling at each other, the police breaking up fights, doctors and patients that can’t speak the same language, and parents mad that the hospital is doing their job.

When people act silly

That last guy was crazy. The EMT brings a boy that nearly drown in the lake at Burnham Park to the hospital. One of the EMT came is completely wet from swimming to him in full gear!

The father gets to the hospital demanding the boy is NOT treated or touched by a doctor. A fight breaks out between the father and the Hospital staff citing laws and everything.

As I sit there thinking what a fool he was but I know I am not suppose to tell him that. That is not a very christian thing to do, right?

Understanding the depraved mind

I know Filipinos. I am one. (Kinda) I knew that racism has its benefits at times and this is one of them. Filipinos trust Americans more than countrymen.

I just told him in Tagalog that his bill will covered by the people of the United States and flashed my Department of Defense ID.

The father relaxed and let the doctors work.

The funny part was everyone at the hospital but him knew that the Emergency Room is free care for all because of a grant from USAID.

About my finger….

The doctors at Baguio General Hospital believe that I have a hairline fracture in my between two bones (knuckle) and it will just take six months to heal on its own. Nothing I can do about it.

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