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Azusa Report is Pentecostal? : Guilty as charged!!!

Pentecostal liturgy

The followers of Jonathan Welton and his Welton Academy have attacked me, my character and odd attacked me for being Pentecostal. Yes, I am being slammed for being a person of Pentecost. How do I respond to that attack? I am guilty as charged!

I believe that God wants to pour out His Spirit on everyone and that they will grow in hunger as they pray in tongues. Oh No. That sounds horrible, doesn’t it? It only get worse, I believe in healing the sick and end time revival too!

Unlike Jonathan Welton, I actually have deep roots in revival. I was saved in the Brownsville Revival under the preaching of Steve Hill. I spent considerable time in the Smithton Outpouring as well. I have been to Argentina and ministered with Carlos Annacondia. I ended a 13 week long revival when Lakeland broke out to get where the Heavens were the most open. Revival is not something that I just say, “it would be nice” but it is why I live, breathe and minister for.

Revival has taken to the four corners of the world. I have went to the backside of the mountains in Mexico to see the revival that was breaking out with David Hogan and I have traveled to Africa to see the move of the Spirit with Heidi Baker. I have even risked my life to see what God was doing in Kabul, Afghanistan.

The same can not be said of my detractors.

Answering the critics of Azusa Report

Let’s get a few things straight. What do I believe and not believe. A quick look at my theological statement will tell you that I believe in the core values of Pentecost but these people do not bother to see that, I guess.

  • I believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
  • I believe in praying in tongues.
  • I believe in divine healing.
  • I believe in the end time revival.

I guess, some people are amazed that Pentecostals like me actually believe the Holy Spirit wants to fill every one of us so we can be harvesters that want in power and authority. Acts 2 was not just for a few dozen people there but it is for every believer of every generation. History is full of people receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Dr. Eddie L. Hyatt did a great treatment of the history of miracles in 2000 years of Charismatic Christianity.

Those who concern me a horrible person must really be delighted to know that I hold that a prayer language is the initial physical evidence of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I firmly believe that every believer has the ability to pray in tongues and those who do are more intimate with the Holy Spirit. Hard to believe, I know!

To make them hate me even more, divine healing is not just a doctrine I teach but it is integral part of the gospel itself! Yes, the same blood that saves you heals you. Heresy according to my haters but according to the Word of God and the heart of God is the manifestation of the Kingdom of God in people’s lives. It is true that Jesus saves, heals, delivers and fills everyone who turns to Him.

Early Pentecostals has a very victorious view on eschatology. Every newsletter you read from Azusa Street, the Assemblies of God or Church of God was convinced that the greatest revival known to mankind was going to happen before the catching up of the saints. There was no doom and gloom in their preaching. William Seymour made it a lifestyle to put his head in a egg crate and cry “Behold, the Bridegroom cometh.”

This is what I believe as a Pentecostal and if you are mad at me for holding these theological convictions, there is nothing that can be done. I am completely convicted that Jesus saves, heal, delivers, fills and is about to release the greatest revival in history that I call Stadium Christianity.

The eschatology of Azusa Report

There is coming a great revival to the nations and it will reach every single village of the globe. I am currently writing Anna Anointing that is the eschatology with a emphasis on revival. However, I will lay out what exactly that I believe about the last days.

There will be a day of breakthrough that revival will break out and it will spread like wildfire to the nations of the earth. In the matter of months, not years, we will see moves of the Spirit in places that most of us did not even knew existed. When it is said and done, there will be over a billion people come to Jesus as their Savior. What it takes Reinhard a year to plan (his crusades) will be put together in hours in the time of breakthrough.

There will be nothing secret of this outpouring and it reach every single human being on this planet with a clear presentation of the gospel of the Kingdom.

This revival will only end with the catching up of the saints or what the critics call “the rapture.” While it might come as a thief in the night, it will be a surprise as the great outpouring will be lead up to it.

The reason for this is because of a second way of revival that will focused completely on the Jewish people and their receiving Jesus as their Messiah. There will be a season of roughly 3.5 years that will be a outpouring of the Spirit on them that will be centered around Jurasulem. This will cause many Jews to move back to the Holy City to be part of the revival as they experience Christ.

There will be a small window of hell on earth or time of testing that will lead up to the Second Coming of Christ and then we will march into the Millennial reign with Jesus. This is the heartbeat of Heaven for revival in the last days.

Theological influences of Azusa Report

I want to take this time to talk about the people who have influenced my theology and my view of revival in the earth. While I have many I could point to such as my bible college professors and people I have meet with to discuss the things to come; I want to focus on the main influences.

The first on the list would be a old plumber from Bradford, England named Smith Wigglesworth. Early in my faith, I made it a point to study hiss messages like I studied the bible. They are not divinely inspired but I studied them just as much. I still open the Complete Collection of Smith Wigglesworth at least a few times a week and read his sermons all over again. They create a hunger for the miraculous and revival in my ministry.

The second major thinker that has impacted my theology is Leonard Ravenhill. I think I have read Why Revival Tarries at least a few dozen times. I got it on Kindle now because all my physical copies were falling apart. I have pretty much read anything and everything put out by Leonard Ravenhill. His thinking on revival had a very big impact on what I preach to the nation. We must rend out hearts and not our garments.

The third one that really had an impact on my theological thinking was Dr. T.L. Osborn. I think I have read everything that he put out at least a dozen times and spend dozens of hours in his office and in his home in Tulsa. He really poured into me and reminded me that the most important things to be concerned with on his side of eternity is to be a soul winner.

I hope this answer the questions about being Pentecostal and my personal eschatology.

Pentecostal in Brazil

A Special Message

Without the Holy Spirit, we have nothing and we are nothing. We need the Holy Spirit. It is not just wind, fire and manifestations. It is what the prophets have been speaking about since the Old Testament. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit is not the “cherry on the pie.” Reserving revival and the Holy Spirit for the side room for “hyper Christians” is offensive to Heaven.

If Peter was to be raised from the dead and put him in most modern church services in America, he would wonder what has happened and demand everyone reads Acts 2 again. Any gathering that was completely full of the presence of God and the miracles that follow those who believe was utterly foreign to him. Miracles, healing, deliverance, and prophecy is so basic to biblical Christianity.

We can not control a hurricane and we can not control the move of the Holy Spirit. Our position is to open our mouth and proclaim the power of Pentecost, not every wind of doctrine that sounds good.

We need the Holy Spirit more than ever. We need to pray in tongue more than ever. We need to heal the sick more than ever. We need to be ready for revival more than ever.

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