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Azusa Report’s list of Endorsements for Midterms

In the final week before elections on the midterm, it is critical that we put the proper people in office. To this end, Azusa Report is officially endorsements for office: No one! Let me explain. 

The hope of the blood bought, Fire Baptized, Pentecostal church is not someone that might hold part of our values. I do not believe that I can endorse anyone for office that is first Pentecostal than political. With that said, John Ashcroft is not on the ballot. Therefore, I can’t endorse anyone.

I am more concerned with revival than I am with election. I have voted as a duty as an American but my faith in Jesus and the power of the Spirit. No matter who is elected, the condition of the nation will not change with the Pentecostal church calling the people to repentance.

It is importance to understand that only changed hearts, not changed laws will transform society. The law was never enough. Jesus Christ became our Savior because the law condemned us. The faith of believers in a legal process resulting in spiritual awakening is sad.

What is really happening with much of the believers is called Dominion Theology. It is a belief that somehow the Church is better and we are forming a “Christian society” by electing politicians that pretend they are people of faith.

If you want to know the truth, a “Christian friendly” political climate makes believers lazy. The apostolic generation exploded because there was no choice due to the challenges they faced from the government. This was true until there was a “Christian leader.” The pattern repeats itself throughout history too.

As a private citizen, there are things I value (Pro-Life, 2nd Amendment, Military to name a few) but none of those (yes, even abortion) matter as much as seeing revival sweep the land. Vote but realize it is secondary to Stadium Christianity.


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