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Embacing the Depravation of Humanity

Culture, Theology

I was sitting with a missionary friend today and he demanded that I get my finger looked as it was probably broken. I know it wasn’t...

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Xenophobia in Missions

Culture, Missiology, Theology

I want to talk about something very real. It is one of those dirty secrets for missionaries: Xenophobia. What exactly is Xenophobia?...

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What REALLY is the Great Commission?

Missiology, Theology

Have you ever thought about the Great Commission? What exactly is it and why do people have different takes on it? Part of the reason is...

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Is Graven images ever ok?

Culture, Missiology, Theology, Uncategorized

It is time for another cow tipping post from Azusa Review…. What is graven images and are they ever ok? What if they are cultural...

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What to do with critics of revival?


The bottom line of New Testament theology is simple: God is in a good mood. Any theology of a mad or angry God at His Children is not...

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The Mission of Revival


At the foundation of everything I believe and who I am cries out for a missional revival: a move of God emphasizing the mission of God or...

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Statement of New Apostolic Reformation