Author: Azusa Report

John Bevere & the legalistic spirit!

Culture, Education, Theology

John Bevere is a teacher based in Colorado Springs but a dangerous teacher that leads people into bondage, not freedom. I have long...

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Steve Gray’s untold damage

Church History, Healing, Revival

I have known for some time that about this. I knew that Pastor Steve and Kathy Gray had wounded alot of people in Smithton, Missouri. The...

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William Seymour & Entire Sanctification

Church History, William Seymour

After leading behind the teaching of Methodism, William moved to Cincinnati, Ohio and at some point met Martin Wells Knapp that preached...

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William Seymour departs Methodism

Azusa Street, William Seymour

William was a man that was deeply touched and he was living in the revelation of Jesus as the Hope of the Nations. He was hungry for more...

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United Pentecostal Church believers or cult?

Church History, Culture, Missiology, Prayer, Prophecy, Revival, Theology

I was on Facebook and a friend asked me “Are United Pentecostals christian or are they a cult?” This is an honest question that...

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Does the Pope like Pentecostals now?

Church History, Missiology, Prayer, Theology

I was doing some research for another article and I came across an article that Pope Francis visited a Pentecostal church in Italy. I knew...

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Tim Tebow is a prophetic signpost

Culture, Missiology, Revival, Testimonies

I believe that Tim Tebow is a prophetic sign from the Lord. He has alot of things that point us in this direction. He is a sign in the...

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Pentecostals are blood washed, not brainwashed

Culture, Education, Missiology, Theology

I am a Pentecostal. I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to save, heal, deliver, and fill. I am washed by the blood of Jesus but I am...

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A.B. Simpson meets the Holy Ghost

Church History, Missiology, Revival

A.B. Simpson, a name that people forget about and founder of Christian Missionary Alliance had a powerful experience with the Holy Ghost....

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William Seymour meets Hope of the Nations

Azusa Street, William Seymour

William Seymour went to Indianapolis to work as a waiter because there was no hope for him in Lousiana. However, while in the northern...

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