Author: Azusa Report

Is Black Lives Matter another gospel?

Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter is becoming a popular movement but is it another gospel? The question become more about their doctrine, their...

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Gospel of Jesus Christ vs Gospel of Al Sharpton

Heresy hunters, Uncategorized

I am concerned about the lack of theological thought presented today. We have allowed the social gospel to take root in our hearts and...

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Statement concerning Melissa Tenbrink


A question that I am asked on a regular basis is about Melissa Tenbrink and my relationship to her. I will confirm that she is my ex-wife...

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Open Heavens: A letter from Azusa Report


Azusa Report started with a vision to inspire revival and report on Pentecostal news in America and around the world. That vision remains...

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Is your healing connected to community?


This morning, I meet with a friend at Parena Bread. He is someone I have known for many years. We have ministered together. We have prayed...

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Harbringer of Hope: Remembering those who grieve for the holidays

Theological Discussions

The Lord spoke to me the other day about intercessing for those who are lonely and confused during the holidays. I have been there. I was...

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