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Harbringer of Hope: Remembering those who grieve for the holidays

Theological Discussions

The Lord spoke to me the other day about intercessing for those who are lonely and confused during the holidays. I have been there. I was...

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Prophetic Dream: Lyda Krewson and Deliverance


On December 3, 2019; I was a prophetic dream about Lyda Krewson, the sitting mayor of St. Louis, Missouri. It is interesting because I have...

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Why not church planting in St. Joseph, Missouri?


A question that I get ever so often is about church planting in St. Joseph, Missouri? Why would not I? Is it the biblical use of even Jesus...

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5 things you need to be a Friend of God

Theology, Uncategorized

Jesus Christ told us that we are to be a friend of God. However, what does that mean? It is more than singing the once popular worship...

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Revival is coming to the Assemblies of God

Assemblies of God

This past weekend, Daniel Kolenda of Christ for All Nations spoke at the Centennial Celebration for the Assemblies of God in Peru. It is a...

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The HARSH truth about Jezebel fixation in the Charismatic Church


If you are in the Charismatic movement for very long, you will hear about this obsession people have with Jezebel. There are whole...

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