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Personal Note from Peter Vandever


In December 2020, I had a series of prophetic encounters that made me put the breaks on everything ministry related. The Lord wanted to me...

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Ravi Zacharias : The missing link to understanding the crisis!


Ravi Zacharias sinned against God and against people. Many are upset about it. I am more alarmed by the lack of prophetic discernment among...

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Open Letter from Peter Vandever

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This journey people call “ministry” started on the floor of the Brownsville Revival on August 4, 1998. What I saw that night...

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Prophets, get your family in order!


As we draw closer to the days of Zephaniah and the coming crisis in the land; it will become more important that ever for prophets to have...

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Why do Christians lack discernment today?


I was sitting in a bible study today and we started to talk about the gift of discernment. I have wrote about the need for biblical...

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Jeremiah Johnson and lying dreams


Many people I know respect Jeremiah Johnson and I even have mutual friends so I have not said anything but I am convinced that Jeremiah...

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Statement of New Apostolic Reformation