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5 things you need to be a Friend of God

Theology, Uncategorized

Jesus Christ told us that we are to be a friend of God. However, what does that mean? It is more than singing the once popular worship...

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What is a Pentecostal?

Assemblies of God, Theology

What is a Pentecostal? This is a question that I was asked just recently. Is it part of being a denomination such as the United Pentecostal...

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Revival is coming to the Assemblies of God

Assemblies of God

This past weekend, Daniel Kolenda of Christ for All Nations spoke at the Centennial Celebration for the Assemblies of God in Peru. It is a...

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The HARSH truth about Jezebel fixation in the Charismatic Church


If you are in the Charismatic movement for very long, you will hear about this obsession people have with Jezebel. There are whole...

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Joe Biden, Donald Trump and Bible Prophecy


If you are an American, it is hard to not know about the Joe Biden’s stuff about his son and the impeachment discussion about Donald...

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Prophetic Dream: New Wine is about to pour out again!


Last night, I had a dream that I believe is prophetic. God is about to pour out new wine again in ministries. Things are going to get very...

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John Paul Jackson, Perfect Storm and California earthquakes

Prophecy, Uncategorized

Disclaimer: I have no real relationship to speak of with John Paul Jackson. I met him three times. Twice were at conferences and the other...

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Why I don’t name and shame anymore!


You might have noticed that the last few months have been a different type of article on Azusa Report. The reason being is that I have let...

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Resurrection Encounter in Moravian Falls!


This past weekend, I went on a “secret mission” to Moravian Falls. Hardly, anyone knew I was coming and I was there to fast and...

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How I lose faith in the American Church : The answer will surprise you!


I do not believe in the American church. I realize this might surprise you but I am pretty sure Jesus would not believe in it either. It is...

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