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James Arminius on Christians in Science

One of my theological heroes is a man named James Arminius. He lived in a time that the doctrine of Calvinism was sweeping the Church and he did not buy into this doctrine (for good reason). He started to raise some serious questions to the idea of pre-destination and “once saved always saved.”

I believe we can learn from some of these theologian from yesteryear. History is the story of mandates and mantles. What mandates can we learn from these well-learn men and how can they help us understand our destiny as a generation?

One thing that grabbed me about the story of James Arminius is that he is from the Netherlands. He lived in a time that if you was a great theologian, you must be a German. God raised up a man from an unknown place to challenge the Church in one of the generation deepest hold dogmatic doctrines.

James Arminius believed in Christian SCIENCE

If we may be allowed further to consider what wisdom, goodness and power God expended when he instituted and revealed this Theology, it will give great importance to our proposition. Indeed, all kinds of sciences have their origin in the wisdom of God, and are communicated to men by his goodness and power. But, if it be his right, (as it undoubtedly is,) to appoint gradations in the external exercise of his divine properties, we shall say, that all other sciences except this, have arisen from an inferior wisdom of God, and have been revealed by a less degree of goodness and power.

Mad SciencistA common view today is that science is wrong. While I agree that most of what we see being talked about is junk science, I think it is foolish for us to throw our all science. While some science debated other science, almost all good scientist work points to the story of creation or intelligent design.

I believe that men like Arminius was right. Science is not against the story of God but it is rooted in it. All good science does find its’ roots in the wisdom of God. The story of science is the story of how good God really is and His story of signs, wonders, and miracles to the people.

Most of the scientific research that I have read on many subjects paints the nature of the Father to creation in His love and mercy. Rising Sea levels is not just the story of small island nations losing what little land they have. It is the story of the Father moving them from one place to another in promotion.

In my mind, we need to celebrate research in the academic community because, when we do, we are encouraging the wisdom and nature of God to be reveal them through various means. After all, the story of history points to the salvation of mankind at the Cross of Golgotha.

As far as I am concerned, they should do more research as many people in the scientific community are finding the grace and goodness of God through their research.

We need to re-think how position

Many Christians need to re-think this and see how we view the issue. Christians that see the research community is anti-Christian are just plain wrong. It is just that simple. They do us a great service to understand the depth of the Father and all their research points to the nature of God.

I believe it is time that we have the discussion about how we think of research. You will be surprised how many actually do not believe that the scientific community has a place in the Kingdom of God. In fact, many believers are very dogmatic about it and would love to see scientists burn in hell.

I realize there is a lot of bad science out there that good science rejects. However, in the same vein, there is a lot of bad theology out there than good theology rejects. We do not reject sound doctrine and we also should not reject sound science either.

Photo Credit Justine Forrest, New Zealand Crew (NZL)Once a year, there is a visit from Mercy Ships, a ministry that has a hospital ship that travels to different nations doing medical operations that saves people’s lives. They have cut off tumors that were cancerous that extended the person’s life by a few decades. They are an example of the prophetic use of good science and this is what I believe James Arminius was talking about.

Living Open minded with common sense

I remember back in the mid-1990’s, revival was sweeping the churches of North America. The evangelical church was embracing the love of the Father and the Pentecostal Church was experiencing the soul winning passion that markets its roots. In it midst, the critics were crying, “Do you check your brain at the door?” In other words, they wanted everything to be passed through critical thinking.

In some ways, they are right (without knowing it). Many Christian do check their brain at the door and hold some pretty dogmatic views that do not line up with the nature of the Father. No question about it. They really make themselves look like “bible thumpers” that are completely out of touch with reality.

When the fires of revival broke out, I did not check my brain at the door as I went to the meeting and I will not check it into the baggage counter now, either. It is very biblical for us to worship the Lord with all our minds.

The problem is most people do not have a transformed mind that has been renewed by the Holy Spirit. A person who believe in his heart that Jesus is savior but still lives with a dogmatic mindset is a very dangerous and hurtful person to be. They need to bring their mind into line with the nature of the Father. Renewed minds is very important to being a biblical follower of Christ.


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