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Allen Hood and the Emmaus Road

I like Allen Hood.

I might bust up everytime he says God but I still enjoy to listen to him give a message that he believes in. He is a student of the Word of God. He is a student of revival. He is a student of end time prophecy. He is a hungry man for the presence of God. When he speaks, I listen. I learned more from his Christology course than I did from the one at Oral Roberts.

In fact, I highly recommend that everyone check out his series on “The excellencies of Christ.” It is probably the best treatment of the issue of Christology that I have seen in my life.

Allen Hood leads IHOP University

One of the roles that he has is to lead the school at IHOPKC better known as IHOP University. While I do not consider it to be a legit seminary for theological training, I do think they have some great courses that are worth looking into.

Allen Hood is about as solid as they come. He went to seminary at Asbury in Kentucky and he has been leading the school since it was Forerunner School of Prayer back in the early days of IHOPKC in the double wide trailer.

They have a Podcast now too!

I see that his son, Samuel, has started doing a podcast with Allen on Youtube. (Click here) They are calling it “Along the Emmaus Road.” I find it interesting that they call it that as one of my favorite passage when I was at IHOPKC was, “Did not our hearts burn within us?” (Luke 2:32)

I like their format. It is short clips about the theological issues that are deep but they keep it to a few minutes. It is just enough to make me hungry to look at the issue for myself. It is what a podcast should do: make me go research the issue for myself!


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