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Confronting agitators of Baal: How the enemy is destroying revivalists

A few weeks ago, the Holy Spirit spoke to me about a group of people on social media that were the “agitators of Baal.” These are people who claim to be of the Lord but they really are working for the evil one. They walk in a spirit of Haman. They have one mission: agitate the prophet of God.

While the Lord has true agitators who upset what man has set up, the enemy has his own group of them that mock the prophets of God and what God is doing in the earth. Some of them just trolls, some of them are haters and some of them are just demonic inspired false prophets. The trolls and the haters I can live with. It is part of being a public figure online. Scripture is clear about what to do with the false prophets, though.

One telling sign of a false prophet is always a fixation of Jezebel and repented of sins. I have found in 20 years of prophetic ministry that anyone who spends a lot of time “fighting Jezebel” normally is carrying that Jezebel spirit. True prophets are more concerned with what the Holy Spirit is doing than they are about the “plots” of a defeated enemy and his faithful. The other telling sign of a false prophet is they remind you of sin that is under the blood.

Who are agitators of Baal?

In many cases, they like to live around false prophets that understand business and marketing. Many false prophets are great at business and because of that, they can promote their false gospel widely. I am not just talking about true prophets who lost their way like William Brahnam. I am talking about people whose entire ministry was nothing more than plagiarism.

Out of these false ministries that are nothing more than businesses some groupies that operate as the agitators of Baal. They attack true prophetic ministries and point out all the reasons they can’t be used. In some twisted way, they want the true prophet to run to the cave (1 Kings 18) so they can have free reign over the land.

Just like Haman saw Mordicai as a threaten to his power for no reason at all; these agitators of Baal are out to “expose” the true prophets in order to discredit them. There is nothing redemptive about their plan. The reason for this is they operate in a demonic spirit according to scripture.

Do not go about spreading slander among your people. Do not do anything that endangers your neighbor’s life. I am the Lord. (Lev. 19:16)

These people live on slander and gossip. They attempt to use repented of sin against you which is a form of slander. What is forgiven is no longer truth. Only the enemy and those whom he inspires desires to drag what is under the blood out from it and throw it in a prophet’s face. Once it is under the blood, it is forgiven and you are restored. It is as true as the east meeting the west. (Psalm 103:12)

Drunk with Worldliness

I have found, without failure, that these people who operate in the agitators of Baal spirit are drunk on worldliness. They live for the “American Dream” of always needing more of this and that. They based their philosophy of “ministry” on psychology and sociology; not biblical truth. Every one of them I have dealt with has promoted the heretical idea of “inner healing.” (Forget John 19:30, I guess?)

These “ministries” are always a theological nightmare that are based on pop psychology with a few scriptures here and there to make it look like a ministry. Three minutes of hermeneutics and you see how little it all has to do with the Lord. It is just a front for business like they learned from the false prophets they were mentored by.

One of them that I am aware of talks more about narcissists (which is a legit mental health issue called BPD) and toxic relationships than it does Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The idea of BPD and toxic relationships is not found in the New Testament and is an issue for mental health providers, not spiritual leaders. This person does not hold a doctorate in clinic counseling, either.

If they talk more about receiving what you already have by the blood and it sounds more like a group therapy session than good ole fashioned Holy Ghost revival that makes you long for deeper levels of personal holiness, it is probably one of the agitators of Baal.

No regard for the Word

These ministries have no desire to be lead by the scriptures. Many of them encourage divorce. Many of them throw around words like “toxic” as grounds to do things that scripture is very clearly against. I have yet to see one of these agitators that actually believe the biblical model of one man and one woman for life. (It is not one man and three women throughout his life for a reason!) Personal holiness is optional with these liberal ministries. 

They understand that being biblical faithful to the Word does not sell downloads and books. They want would prefer to try and justify pop psychology like “boundaries” and talk about Jezebel spirits. They know these subjects are hot topics that will sell materials and what does a business exist for? Sales!

True prophetic people do not care (even war against) these things that these agitators of Baal promote to native believers. There has never been a authentic revival break out in the land because someone got touched by a “boundaries” revelation! It just has not happen. The same can be said about all these fixation on Jezebel. What revival started by “Unmasking the Jezebel Spirit.” (One of the worst books I have ever read by the way!)

I challenge every person who wants to see true revival and the rise of God’s authentic prophets, to take the time and read Why Revival Tarries by Leonard Ravenhill again.

We need a modern Tozer, Ravenhill and Wilkerson; not the agitators of Baal! They have no legitimate basis for operation in the New Testament.

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