Want to Advertise on Latter Rains

People come to us from time to time asking about Sponsoring an article or writing a paid articles on the website. We also get asked about banner and block ads from time to time.

We are at a place that we can do advertising that of products or schools that we believe in. You can do know you won’t see a book by John MacArthur on our articles about signs and wonders. You also won’t be seeing an ad about becoming an Wiccan. That just won’t happen.

Anyone we partner with on the website will be either, areligious or hold the same core values that we hold. What does that mean? If an Art Institute wanted to sponsor an article about creativity in the Church; that’s areligious. If a Bible College wanted to have a banner ad that is Pentecostal or Charismatic. That’s within our core values.

Basically, any Christian group that has ad space on Latter Rains has to agree 1) Jesus is the Hope of the Nations 2) Salvation is by faith through grace 3) Divine Healing is part of the gospel 4) Baptism in the Holy Spirit 5) The Holy Spirit Baptism empowers us for evangelism 5) God is about to pour out the Great End time harvest

Minor issues like if tongues is the evidence, healing by prayer vs anointing, and timing of the catching up are side issues.

For areligious products, we require that your product does not violate our values as a online business. It must not be against commonly hold positions of Pentecostal values. An Example would porn, abortion clinics, and books promoting gay marriage.

What are the options and the prices?

Sponsored Article– Did we write an article about you? Is there one that talks about something close to you? You can sponsor the article for $20. Let’s say there is an article on William Seymour and you have a book about him. You could sponsor the article, get mentioned before the article as the sponsor with the link to your book on Amazon.

Paid Article– Do you have something that you want a wrote 1,000 word article about? If so, you can buy the rights to a paid article on Latter Rains for $75. It has to be more an infomatia and has to have some meat to it. In other words, you have to tie something that will interest people. An example be publishing part of the book you are promoting. We limit these posts to one a week.

Letterhead Ad– Does your Bible College or conference want to be on the banner next to the logo? You can buy that space for $10 per day. If you have a camp meeting coming up and want to promote it online during the even with a link to the livestream, you can. Space limitation of course.

Block Ad– Do you need an ad that is on every page to the right. We offer the block ad for $200 a month that links to your website. This is great for authors, churches, and schools. We only allow three ads per month.

Fly Ad– Have you noticed as your read, an ad flied into the website? That is a fly in ad and this one of the most creative and useful place on Latter Rain to advertise. We offer this service for $500 which is go for 10 days over a month. We only have three spaces for this service.

Newsletter Block– Once a week, we send out an email to our email list. We offer a special block at the end of the email for a product. It will said that the mailing was sponsored by and your company. This service called $250.