Azusa Report started in revival.

The idea of the website started while I was in bible college to keep some thoughts but it really started way before that. It probably started on August 4, 1998 at Brownsville. This is where I had a dramatic encounter with the Holy Spirit and was called to ministry. Much of what I believe and teach really started that night. 

Another pretty big day in the history of Azusa Street was in June 2003 when I had a profound encounter with the Holy Spirit. This was the day I was given the blueprint for revival and what is coming. It is known as the Forerunner prophecy. 

Then, you have the day I was at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City when I was taken into an open vision and I saw the coming healing revival. The tents are coming back and they will cover the nation when Stadium Christianity finally breaks out. 

In February 2019, I had another dramatic encounter that changed everything and the focus on America missions become more real. (I had spend a lot of the last decade outside the country doing missions) 


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Roots and Influences

Probably the biggest influence is the Assemblies of God. I was raised in the faith in the Assemblies and went to their bible college. I was even saved in the Brownsville Revival that was at an Assembly of God church. There is no question that the Assemblies is where I get a lot of theological convictions. 

As I said, I was saved in the Brownsville Revival under the preaching of Steve Hill. The impact that Brownsville made on me is huge. I loved what was happening there and much of what I believe church should be like is based on my encounters with God while at the Brownsville Revival.

Revival is when God releases what was reserved for a future age in the here and now. 

Probably the biggest influence, besides the Assemblies of God, is without question the International House of Prayer in Kansas City and the ministry of Mike Bickle. I was there in the very early stages in 1999 and then again from 2002 to 2006. I spend those years wrestling with the call of God in intercession and learning what it means to have a prayer life. 

I learned more about evangelism while ministering at the Los Angeles Dream Center than I did anywhere. I learned the importance of street evangelism and developing a lifestyle of soul winning. I had done alot of evangelism before but it was in the inner city of Los Angeles that it really came alive. 

Then, you have the time that I ran with Lou Engle for The Call. It was a time that the nation was called to prayer and fasting. I traveled the United States having meetings and getting ready for the Call in Kansas City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas and later in Nashville. 

Core Values

  • Azusa Report exist to call the Pentecostal church back to its’ root of prayer, prophetic worship, and evangelism in the power of the Holy Spirit. Along the way, we have gotten off track worrying about popularity and being accepted. We have to return to our ancient paths. 
  • Our vision as Pentecostals must be for the harvest of the nations and the end time global revival. This is sometimes referred to as Stadium Christianity. Our eschatology must be one of revival. While there will be some negative events happen, the focus of the end times must be revival in the land. 
  • Without the Holy Spirit, we are nothing and we have nothing. As Pentecostals, we must have complete dependence on the Holy Spirit. We need to know WHO He is, not just what He does. A primary message to the faithful but be concerning the Holy Spirit. 
  • The gospel of Jesus Christ must be confirmed with signs, wonders and miracles. Azusa Report rejects any idea that we can do “evangelism” apart from the power of the Holy Spirit. Healing, casting out devils, and prophecy is there to confirm the message of Jesus. The Lord did then He taught. 
  • The purpose of the faithful on the earth is for revival. We believe the believers must get out of the pews and on the streets preaching with signs and wonders. The Pentecostal church must be one of evangelism in the power of the Spirit. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Azusa Report, where I have been and what drives the work here. We are a visionary movement calling for revival and I hope you join the trumpet call to see the nation harvested, in America and around the world. 

Check out what we are talking about and I hope you find something that pushes you deeper in the things of the Spirit. 

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Last modified: October 27, 2019