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A.A. Allen on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

A.A. Allen was a healing evangelist in the Voice of Healing revival in the 1950’s. He saw the miracle ministry of Oral Roberts, quit pastoring and hit the trailblazing evangelistic road himself.

The following is from his book, Visitation of God.

I have read, “Ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you.” Acts 1:8. I fully expect with the infilling of the Holy Ghost, I would immediately have the power to heal the sick, and to perform miracles. It did not take me long to realize that more was required than the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, in order to consistently  see these results. The Baptism in the Spirit provides access to this power, but the gifts of the Spirit provide the channel through which the power operates. I began to immediately pray and seek the gifts of the Spirit. I felt I must have the power to heal the sick, for I knew that God never called anyone to preach the gospel without also commissioning him to also heal the sick.

A.A. Allen understood that while the Baptism of the Holy Spirit was very important, it is was not the end all of the Pentecostal experience. It was the gateway to experiencing more of the presence and power of God.

He would go on and tell us more about what he believed about the Holy Spirit experience.

The power of the Holy Ghost may be readily likened to the power of electricity. When one is filled with the Spirit, it is as though he had his house wired, and established connection with the “power house.” Many people use electricity for years just to provide light! They never take advantage of the great possibilities that are available  through using the appliances which electricity will operate.  The gifts of the Spirit might be likened to the appliances. As new gifts are added more work can be done, with greater ease. The power has not changed, but it has become more effective, God never intended to STOP when He had filled His people with the Spirit. That is just the beginning.

This is probably one of the best theological understanding of what the Baptism of the Holy Spirit that I have read. It clearly tells us what is the Baptism and how the spiritual gifts connect to it.

It would be hard to say that A.A. Allen did not have the evidence to back up his claims. He had a miracle ministry that focused on healing the sick for over twenty years until his death.

It is not to say that his spiritual life was perfect, because it was not. It is to say he did have spiritual understanding in a measure. He did understand the power of God to heal the sick, even if the personal life of A.A. Allen was not as good as it should have been. Many people walk in intense revelation in one area and have zero victory is another area of life.

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