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7 things I learned from Mike Bickle

Mike Bickle was my pastor for quite some time. He imparted alot of practical knowledge, wisdom and prophetic revelation into me. I was just a teenager when it started and I was in my late 20’s when I left the International House of Prayer movement in Kansas City. I have always look back and realized that my time home in Kansas City was some of the best times of my life. Thank you, Mike.

While I could probably make a longer list and try and tell you everything I learned from him, I don’t think most people would get that much from it as it would be need to be a long series.

Pray without ceasing

I would be amiss if prayer was the right out the gate. Mike has made it his aim to be known as a man of prayer and he taught me to have that same aim in life. A man of prayer is much better than being a man of meetings. God is moved by prayer, not marketing schemes.

Love the Scriptures

I am a Holy Spirit guy. I love the move of the Spirit. However, Mike would always be quick to remind me about the price people through the generation have paid for me to study the Word. He wanted us to be people of the Spirit but also people of the Word. He always pushed the young guys at IHOPKC to go deeper.

Steward the Prophetic! 

Mike Bickle is known as the pastor to prophets. He spend several years trying to lead some of the hardest prophetic voice to pastor and did it successful. He will forever be known for his relationship with men like Bob Jones, Paul Cain, and Noel Alexander. By example, he taught me to honor the prophetic in my life.

Let justice roll!

One of the most under-rated part of the ministry that Mike leads in Kansas City is the social justice outreach they do to the lower class of the city. While people might not think about IHOPKC as missions, there is alot of ministry to the poor happening there. It was while working with Mike that I learned to tie prayer with missions.

Fasting is biblical

Like so many believers, I was raised to value potlucks and dinners. It was about feasting, not fasting. Mike Bickle has a undying passion for fasting and people living the fasted lifestyle. I still do not like do 40 day fast but I do see the value in it!

Love Renewal

Bob Jones said in 1983 that in 10 years, the wine will be poured out. In 1994, the renewal broke loose in Toronto. Mike had a choice in 1997 to honor that prophetic call even if it cost him his relationship with John Wimber. He said “yes” to the renewal at all cost. I learn to value the move of the Spirit as I saw this unfold as a 16 year old man.

Stadium Christianity

God told Mike Bickle in 1982 that He would change the understanding and expression of Christianity in one generation while he was in Egypt. He has studied and preached about revival and how the Bride of Christ will be victorious and glorious in the last days. We will destroy the works of the devil!

The greatest outpouring in human history has been saved for the last generation.

Mike Bickle: Pastor to Intercessors (and Evangelists)

He has spend the last two decades of his life being a pastor to people who pray without ceasing. They are an interesting bunch and some of them are downright weird people.  Mike has really had his hands full.

I am an Evangelist and a missionary. Some of us that live with the reality that the world is going to hell even got in IHOPKC community somehow. Mike still loved us and put up with out crying like Jeremiah that, “We are asking God to do what He told us to do!”

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