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7 Cities of Refuge in the Coming revival :)

We hear a lot about cities of refuge for immigration in the news and even California becoming a state of refuge but do you know the concept is actually a biblical one?

In Joshua 20, we read,

Tell the Israelites to designate the cities of refuge, as I instructed you through Moses…

Is this the same thing as the modern “cities of refuge” talked about by our more liberally minded friends? The simple answer is politically no but spiritually yes. The reason for this is the cross changed everything! We are no longer a political kingdom but a spiritual one.

There are spiritual cities of refuge on the earth just like there was political ones in the Old Testament. However, any idea of political reality or Kingdom Now theology must be rejected completely.

These are cities that people will process in and out of that will seem to have thin or even Open Heavens. It will be much easier to experience the miraculous in these cities in a short time than in other place that are harder to “plow.”

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa was once the center of the faith movement. Oral Roberts, Kenneth Hagin, TL Osborn, and Billy Joe Daugherty were all trail blazing around the world and on the television as large ministries.

In the years since the height of the Faith movement, people have come to Tulsa with false hope and dreams. It has left many people confused and a huge question mark over the city. However, that is about the change in the coming years.

God is about to bring about the core message of faith and hope to the sons and daughters of the fathers of the movement. As faith is preached, the heaven will be thin in Tulsa. I believe that Acts 16:5 will take on a new meeting in the coming years.

Cleveland, TN

Cleveland is the historical home of the Church of God and the Church of God of Prophecy. Together, they are a rather loud trumpet of Holy Ghost power in the land and the world. It has also been traditionally the “retirement home” to Pentecostal leaders who believe in the entire sanctification doctrine.

One thing Cleveland does offer is mentorship to young forerunners and evangelists as spiritual mothers and fathers. Many young people will come to be mentored, healed up and experience the thin heavens over Cleveland at the same time.

As we look at things in the natural, we would suggest this is not possible. The leadership of both movements, Lee University and Pentecostal Theological Seminary is full of theatrics; not thin Heavens. My challenge to that would be the morning worship on Father’s Day 1995 was pretty normal at Brownsville!

Springfield, MO

Much like Cleveland, many will find refuge in the home of the Assemblies of God headquarters. The heyday of the Jimmy Swaggart era is history and in Springfield, it is all about church growth.

However, the hungriest of the Assemblies of God seem to make their way to Springfield for education or training. It is also the home of the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. A lot of history makers will end up in Springfield for 1-2 years in thin heavens!

It will be different than Cleveland though. The old folks in the Assemblies will be more about impartation then mentoring the next generation. They will value passing on the testimonies of revival to the young men and women called to preach!

Cleveland and Springfield are the traditional cities of refuge for classic Pentecostals.

Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City is in the crossroads of revival in America history. Every revival since Cane Ridge there has been a place for Kansas City in the movement. (It is also my hometown) Simply put, One way or another, God uses the city of fountains for his purposes in America.

The city is probably known for things like the Conference of the Holy Spirit in 1977 and the Kansas City Prophets or more recently the International House of Prayer. However, it was ground zero for the holiness revival in the late 1800’s and Pre-Azusa Street Pentecostalism as well.

Once again, the city will host the nation for people who need to heal up and be under thin heavens. There are many ministries that are solid Pentecostal works in the city that are doing amazing things and are believing for a harvest.

Kansas City has always been a one of the cities of refuge.

 Minneapolis, Minnesota

This is one of them that has always surprises me when the Lord showed me as one of the cities of Refuge. Moves of the Holy Spirit tend to be in the Midwest and South; not the North where people are better at giving lip service. However, God is put of surprises.

Personally, I have always found the fact that He is going to have thin heavens over Minneapolis is interesting. The city is home to several well known heretics that promotes doctrine contrary to grace alone.

However, God is going to move with power on people in the city and they will do great works in the north. I do not understand it but I have always seen them leaving the city for North Dakota.

Charleston, West Virginia

This is one that I have never really understood but God has always very strong that Charleston will be a city of refuge and thin heavens for people plowing the harvest in the Appalachian mountains. Interestingly, T.D. Jakes tried to plant a church here and failed very badly (but it was here Woman, Thou art Loosed was written)

God is going to raise up ministries over Charleston and it will be Open Heavens. I am not sure if it will be start churches that exist today or new churches that will be started.

I have found myself in the city three times and I still do not completely understand why it is critical to the coming move of the Holy Spirit.

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is not just about Rod Parsley. It is a city with a large Assembly of God and sizable Vineyard presence as well. There is many independent churches that are Pentecostal in faith around the city that are transforming lives.

Many have and will process in and out of Columbus for impartation and refreshing. It will seem as if there is Open Heavens in the city in many churches, not just World Harvest Church.

I also believe there is coming a spiritual renewal to the campus of Ohio State through Chi Alpha. It will touch at students from every walk of life and conviction.

Why not Alexandria or Redding?

While the Pentecostals of Alexandria and Bethel Church has currently growing churches and people around the world are on their doorsteps; I believe they are mainly build around a personality or a single church. They might be a healing pool in revival but not a city of refuge.

The nation is full of church buildings that was once large churches led by personalities. Having one church that is popular in a city does not make it a city of refuge in any way, shape, or form.

I view both of them as church based movement that will come and go. Many of them have went before them. Angelus Temple was once a packed mega-church when Aimee Semple McPherson was preaching. Just saying.

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