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5 keys to better Words of Knowledge

Do you want to move in words of knowledge? Many do but do not know how. If they do, they are not that effective. I had operated in this grace, this spiritual gift, at different levels in different seasons of my life. I want to give you some keys to moving in words of Knowledge that I have found.

One of the biggest things you have to overcome is the belief that God does not want to use you. This is an ungodly belief that is rooted in an unrenewed mind. (Romans 12:2) You need to repent of this conviction. Repentance is partly changing how you think about God’s desires for you. The Greek word for it is metanoia which means, “a change of mind, as it appears to one who repents, of a purpose he has formed or of something he has done.”

Each believer is given continuous revelation by the Holy Spirit to benefit not just himself but all. (1 Corinthians 12:7)

We read a few chapters later, a second call for every believer to operate in the grace of God for the prophetic (words of knowledge are a form of prophecy)

For you can all prophesy in turn and in an environment where all present can be instructed, encouraged, and strengthened. (1 Corinthians 14:31)

The truth is every believer that is baptized in the Holy Spirit has the ability to be used in whatever way the Holy Spirit needs to move when He needs to more. This includes words of knowledge.

 Administration of Words

Just like prophecy, words of knowledge have three fundamental elements: the revelation, the interpretation and the application. In order for a biblical release of a word of prophecy or knowledge; all three of these elements must be present. Look at them as a progress. You “graduate” from one to the other until you have understanding of what the word is meant to establish.

A biblical word of knowledge includes prophetic information that we could not know in the natural. That is the first step. If there is any way that you could know what you believe you have received, it should not be released publicly.

The next level of what to do with the word of knowledge involves how to understand it. What is the interpretation? If it is a vision or a dream, many times they are given to us in parables. (Numbers 12:8) In some other cases, the word of knowledge is very forward. It could be a pain in the wrist that you never had before. He would be speaking to someone you are ministering to about healing that wrist.

The final step in the process is application and release. If the dream or the vision that you receive is not straight forward, you have to understand how to apply the interpreted message. I was praying for someone and I saw them in a library throwing books in the trash. I discern that they were gaining knowledge but discarding anything they disagreed with. Out of that vision, I was able to instruct them to pursuit God in a deeper way.

It should also be said that part of administration of words of knowledge is lingering in the presence of God. The longer that we spend in worship and seeking the Lord, the stronger the anointing will be for showing up prophetic information for people’s healing, impartation, and needs.

#1) Discernment of the Word

This partly flows out of our theology. If you do not have sound doctrine, you will struggle in a proper expression. The important thing to do here is make sure that the expression of the prophetic word is deeply rooted in the will of God.

We have to understand as a starting point that it is the will of God is at least these three things.

  • Intimacy with the Holy Spirit
  • Healing and Deliverance
  • Great Commission

If you do not have this foundation, most expressions will be lost along the way. This is why it is important to have keen discernment about what you are hearing from the Lord. It must line up with the New Testament model of doctrine. If it does not, it must be discarded.

#2) Dial down the emotions

This is important for several reasons. One of them being that God can speak to us in a deeper level when our soul (mind, will and emotion) is not going crazy. God uses our emotions but so does the enemy. Anything done in the emotional realm must be discerned with perfection.

When we give the word or pray over a person we must seek to remove our emotion or soul out of the picture. Our job is not to give a great emotional experience to the person. We are the vessel of the experience but not the giver. I am all for fervor preaching but when giving a word of knowledge, don’t “preach the word” to them, just give it to them.

#3) Tarry, Tarry, Tarry

This is often the biggest mistake people wanting to move in the Holy Spirit make. They want to give the word and then move to the next person in line and give another word. This is a big mistake. When this happens, people do not encounter the Holy Spirit fully… they are just processed. Do NOT do this.

Tarry, or wait on the Lord with each person. If you only minister to one person with a word of knowledge; that is perfectly fine. God uses other people to minister to other people. Make sure you tarry with the one person that God has put before you until they receive the purpose of God in their life.

#4) Walk in faith

Believe that God will give you words of knowledge and they they will increase. Faith is spelled risk. Take a risk. It is true that sometimes you will “only see in part” and blow it. Sometimes we miss it. A lot more often we miss up the interpretation and application. Growing in giving words is a process.

This does not excuse false prophecies or false prophets. They must be dealt with and be put out. Someone blowing a word of knowledge is not the same as a false prophecy. You won’t be stoned for missing a small detail when you are praying for someone. There is grace in your growth.

#5) Be natural

The last key to moving in words is probably one of the most important. Keep the attention on the Holy Spirit, not you. Don’t be the “man of power for the hour.” A prophetic utterance or a word of knowledge does not need the organist and to be cued with emotions. It just does not need to be that way. GOD DOES NOT SPEAK 1611 QUEENS ENGLISH! 

Don’t do the melodrama thing. You are not an actor and there is no Oscars for the prophetic. You are there to help people know that God is speaking to them; not put on a show. The less attention you can have on yourself, the better.

A word about Mates and Dates

Just don’t do it. Simple as that.

As a general rule, don’t give people a word about their mate (who they will marry, date, break up with, etc) or give them dates (by Christmas this will happen….) Both of these is where most people just miss it. This is especially when people are growing in the grace.

In the rare case, you feel very strongly either of these are directly from the Lord, give them very privately and make sure you tarry with them. This type of word of knowledge is very dangerous and must be handled very careful. I would recommend just not doing it at all.

I hope this article on how to have better words of knowledge helped you. If it did, please share it on social media.

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